Young Reporters Debut Their First Articles On Air, In Print!

Congratulations to two of our school’s Young Reporters for Bear Essential!

Eighth grade student Sienna and fifth grade student Josephine submitted their first articles recently for Bear Essential. Sienna’s article was about her experience in the University of Arizona Honor Band playing the trumpet. Josephine’s article discussed why rats make great pets.

Soon after submitting their articles, Sienna and Josephine were both asked to report and record their stories at KVOA4 studios – to be aired on television!

The girls were given scripts taken from their articles to practice. Sienna, Josephine and family met at the studio on February 14 to become on-air reporters and record their stories.

The girls were very excited, took their jobs seriously and did great!

We’ve already seen the girls on TV last weekend. You can still catch Josephine and Sienna’s reporting on some of the next few Saturday and/or Sunday mornings sometime between 7:00am and 10:00am through March 3 on KVOA4. We weren’t given the specific times, so keep your eyes peeled!

In addition to being an on-air reporter, Sienna’s article was also published in February’s Bear Essential. Check out the article below:’s-honor-play-band

Congratulations, Josephine and Sienna! You worked hard on your articles, and we are proud of you!