What’s Going On At TCDS?

What’ Going on at
Tucson Country Day School?

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There’s always something going on at Tucson Country Day School.  To help you keep up with our fun-filled activities, programs, on-campus adventures and all the other things that happen during the school day, we’ve created an online journal called “What’s Going on at Tucson Country Day School.”

It’s set up a like a blog so you can read our most recent story and then leave your comments.  We’d love to hear from you!  Please keep your comments positive and related to the story since our students can read everything that’s written on the page.

Want to read a story from last week?  or last month?  or even last year?  As we post new stories, they’ll be added to our archived list. You can read them at anytime.

Is there something you’d like us to write about?  Let us know.   Send an email to us and we’ll do our best to write you a story.

Click here to see What’s Going on at TCDS.