We’re Writing Laws In Fourth Grade!

Fourth grade students are busy this week learning all about the government!

From learning about government functions and the branches of government to how a bill becomes a law and now writing their own laws in class! Students are learning that if they feel strongly enough about the proposals that they are writing, they can submit them to our local state representative.

One of the bills being proposed is? Children under twelve should not be able to shoot guns.  People are letting their kids shoot guns, and the kids are accidentally killing themselves or the person next to them.

Another proposal – Since there are about 18-thousand kids in Arizona who do not have homes, why don’t we  help them by giving a little less than half of all taxes collected to adoption centers at the end of every year?

Fourth grade teacher Ms. Jacque says that some of her students do want to submit their proposed bills to our state representative for consideration.

Excellent work, fourth grade students! What a great way to learn about how the government works and how a bill becomes a law.