We’re Practicing Our Daily 5!

Reading is taking off in the classrooms!

Mrs. Rodriguez captured her second grade Ducklings on camera as they practiced Daily 5 and reading to partners. The kids practiced a variety of ways to sit while reading as well as practiced different ways to read. 

The Ducklings worked on a variety of ways to read with partners including: “I Read, You Read” which refers to one student taking a turn reading from a book followed by a second student taking a turn reading from the same book; “Choral Read” which refers to partners reading the same book at the same time as well as one student reading and then a second student reading the same thing. In addition, there is “Different Book” in which students take turns reading their own, different books to their partners.







Here, the students participate in “Brain Break” to get them up and moving during a quick break during Daily 5.