“Weeple Pet” Project Helps Second Grade Students Learn About Attributes

Mrs. Rodriguez’s second grade class learned all about attributes by creating their own “Weeple Pets”.

The 18 students worked on this project involving logical thinking before Thanksgiving.

The main activities in this lesson were:

1. The children heard the story Weeple People by D. Craig Gillespie and were challenged to determine the characteristics of Weeple People families from the illustrations they saw in the book. Weeple People is full of funny pictures of families who have different characteristics such as square bodies or triangular-shaped heads.

2. Each student made a Weeple Pet for homework. They were given the directions to use a bag any way they wished and “good junk” to create their pet.

3. The students got to show off their creativity and skills once their Weeple Pets were created. All of the Weeple Pets were placed together in one area. Each student took his or her pet and set it on a table. Then the same student put three to four other pets on the table with their own pet. Their classmates had to figure out which attribute each of the pets chosen had in common.

During the same time period, the students also discussed the four elements and attributes needed for a true Cinderella story. They completed a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting the American Cinderella and the Egyptian Cinderella.

What a fun way to introduce logical thinking while learning about attributes to these students!


Students show off their Weeple Pets.


These students created colorful Weeple Pets.


These students sure are artistic!


Students should be proud of their Weeple Pets.


Students smile with their Weeple Pets.