Weaving Wonders in Kindergarten

Early Education Art teacher Ms. S is teaching her students all about weaving – and wow, the kids sure are having a great time while learning!

The four kindergarten classes extended their learning of Colonial times with some wonderful weaving projects in art. The students learned about tapestries and how some weaving was used for art purposes whereas other weavers made clothing. Ms. S says that since the kindergarten kids visited the Arizona State Museum last Fall and saw Native American rugs on display, they also talked about those rugs which were also created on a weaving loom.

The kids worked together very well while weaving away. Way to synergize, kindergarten students! The kids will practice weaving on small looms for their next art class.

The pictures below were taken during Ms. S’s art classes with Ms. Wendy’s, Ms. Erika’s, Ms. Paige’s and Ms. Sarah’s kindergarten classes.