“We are All the Same…and…We are All Different too!”

Reading Buddies – Ms. Laurie’s second grade students and Ms. Nicole’s prekindergarten students – teamed up for a wonderful lesson on equality and acceptance while remembering Martin Luther King, Jr. recently.

The students got together in Ms. Laurie’s classroom to listen to and watch “Kid President” actor Robby Novak speak about Martin Luther King, Jr. via a video they viewed on the Smart Board. Novak portrays “Kid President” on a series of YouTube videos; the official website is http://www.kidpresident.com/

After watching the video, the two classes read The Crayon Box That Talked by Shane DeRolf. The book compared how the crayons felt about being “different” from one another and how it makes us all feel better when we work together no matter how we look on the outside.

Following the book reading, the students worked with their Reading Buddies, synergizing to create and color crayons on paper.





Once the crayons were completed, the kids connected all of the colorful pieces of artwork together and put them in a personalized “crayon box” which reads “We are the same! We are different!”


Excellent teamwork and synergizing, students!