Vocabulary Parade: 5th Grade Students Dress the (Word) Part

Way to implement very creative means of learning, fifth grade teachers!

In addition to participating in the school-wide costume parade on Halloween, fifth grade students held a vocabulary parade – with their costumes representing a lofty vocabulary word. 

Students chose a word from a pre-approved list of SAT and GRE-level words. They then had to look up the word’s definition in the dictionary, discover the guide words on the page that the word appears and write the word in a meaningful and original sentence.

That’s not all though! Now with great knowledge of their chosen word, students dressed in a costume to reflect the word. 

Some of the words – some of which are represented in the pictures below – included taboo, lucrative, comatose, radiate and esoteric.

Students got to present their word to all of the fifth grade, explaining how their costume reflected the chosen word. 

What a great way to enhance students’ vocabulary and dictionary skills! 


J.J. chose “taboo” for his vocabulary word.



What an esoteric and fun costume Spencer came up with!



Linnea shows off what it might look like to be “comatose” with a creative costume.