Implementing the “Leader in Me” in Students’ Persuasive Writings

Part of a recent TCDS staff professional development session included continued training on the topic of the “Leader In Me”.

We’ve talked many times this year about our all-school implementation of the “Leader in Me”.

During the professional development training, teachers were reminded that it is not enough to solely provide leadership opportunities in the classroom. Students should be a part of deciding what jobs the classroom needs and how they can earn these positions.

Second grade teacher Ms. Adrienne says the training aligned well with a unit on persuasive writing.

Her students were challenged to identify the eight most-needed “Leader Jobs” from their classroom leader board. Students combined some jobs (they began with 20 jobs) and brainstormed a list of responsibilities for each position.

Using the information they brainstormed, students selected a job they would like to have for the remainder of the quarter. Students were reminded that only eight job positions were available and decisions for the positions would be based both on how persuasive a written paragraph they will write is and individual classroom behavior.

Students chose a topic and created a pre-write (the first step in the writing process) convincing their teacher why they should be chosen for a specific classroom job position. Each student filled in a chart that listed three responsibilities of the position chosen, three reasons why they can meet those responsibilities, and three supporting details associated with their topic.

Students are working toward writing a final draft of an eight-sentence paragraph following a specific persuasive structure which is identified in the classroom.

Way to integrate the “Leader in Me” into students’ classroom jobs!