Tuesday’s Adventures at School


We had another busy day at school Tuesday. Here are some highlights of our last Tuesday of the school year.

Ms. Rena got a photo booth ready in preparation for the preschool and prekindergarten end-of-the-school-year performance. wanda

Ms. Wendy snapped some pictures of these very happy kindergarteners – and families – on Kindergarten Promotion Day.

IMG_20150519_093141IMG_20150519_093154  IMG_20150519_093258IMG_20150519_093328 IMG_20150519_093505








Ms. Bell and Nathan smile for the camera – Happy Kindergarten Promotion Day!


Resource Department Co-Director Ms. Kelly watched Kindergarten Promotion. Her daughter McKenna is moving up to first grade! McKenna and her sister Ashlynn enjoyed pie after the ceremony.

IMG_2063 IMG952067 IMG_2071

Preschool and prekindergarten students began their day with flag ceremony and celebrating Audrey’s birthday.

20150519_083739 20150519_084139

Preschool participated in an obstacle course. 20150519_082041

What a busy day! Preschool and prekindergarten students practiced for their end-of-the-year performance.

20150519_121558 20150519_121607

Ms. Nicole’s fifth grade class enjoyed their last day in the school garden with Mr. Adam. They made mini greenhouses using recycled materials.

image1 image2

In second grade…

Tristan, Colette, Aurora, Alynn and Hadley show off their favorite books that they read this year… IMG950361

…while Kara and Abby work on today’s Daily 5 “Read to Someone”. IMG_0362

Elias and Tristan say they will miss each other over summer break, but they look forward to their sleepovers. Tristan says his goal is to stay up until 5a.m.! IMG_0364

Colette goes around the classroom to make sure all of her friends sign her yearbook! Here, Lexi signs. IMG_0363

Kara and Ava change the calendar for the day… IMG_0365     and Brock realizes there is only two days of school left! IMG_0366

The best thing about second grade is…

IMG_0373IMG_0372     IMG_0377 IMG_0376 IMG_0378

IMG_0371 IMG_0375


Ms. Rianna’s class is preparing to auction off their remaining prizes for the year. Students have earned “bee bucks” throughout the year that they will use to make bids on the items.

 IMG_0381 IMG_0383    IMG959856

Talk about kindness! The eighth grade students made “Welcome to kindergarten” books for the pre-kindergarten students. The older students read the books to the younger students today. PART951432055398643952015051995085947 PART951432055400826952015051995085943           PART951432055334025952015051995090001 33313325

In the library…where’s Ms. Chris? 3553

Mrs. Getz’s third grade class performed during Reader’s Theater. They also shopped at their math stores that they designed.

20150518_094829 20150519_125714









First grade students had a fun time during their last day in Spanish class. imagejpeg_2

In Ms. Stacey’s third grade class, students created beautiful memory quilt pieces. IMG_0249 IMG_2289 IMG_9671  IMG_9995

Mr. Jason fourth grade class and Ms. Kotel fifth grade class spent time together during their last Champion and Reading Buddies session of the year. It looks like they had a lot of fun! IMG_8756 20150519_133001 IMG_0597 20150519_133045







Ms. Kotel’s class also enjoyed some independent reading as student read class books that they have made this year.

2015051995103816 2015051995103802

Mrs. Skye’s kindergarten students say they will carry on the Champion Pledge in first grade. IMG954552

Ms. Fiore’s first grade class visited the garden.


Lulu, Lucia and Zach are working hard in Ms. Shannon’s third grade classroom. 2015051995102323

In Ms. BreeAuna’s class, students got ready for an egg drop.


We have so many pictures to post on school’s website!


The Resource Department helped make desserts for the eighth grade dance. Check out these adorable mini hamburger cookies! They are made with cookies, frosting, Hershey Kisses and coconut. Quite a creative idea!

3514 IMG_2075 IMG952076

3520 IMG952077

Meanwhile, Ms. Stacey, Ms. Vanessa teamed up with some wonderful volunteers to make dinner for students to eat at the dance. 3543

And now, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our soon-to-be graduates! Here are a few pictures from tonight’s eighth grade dance.



Wow – what a fun and full Tuesday! Tune in to Newsworthy Notes to see the exciting adventures that take place Wednesday at school.