Tucson High School Steel Drum Performs for TCDS Students

Tucson High Magnet School’s steel drum band put on a wonderful performance for TCDS!

The band Jovert is directed by Khris Dodge, who had led the program for the last 19 years. 

Some fun facts about the band: two former TCDS students have been a part of the band. Santana went to TCDS through 2009 and graduated from Tucson High in 2013. Rylande graduated from TCDS in 2014, is now a senior at Tucson High and is currently a part of Jovert. In addition, it just so happens that one of our very own middle school Language Arts teachers, Ms. Courtney, is married to the band’s director – Mr. Dodge.

Thank you, Jovert, for an performance for our students!