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Parent Information

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Grade Level Supply Lists

Student/Parent Handbooks

Before and After Care Program

Student Dress Code

School Lunch Program

Wellness Policy

Emergency Information for Lockdowns, etc


The school supply lists are saved as pdf files, just like the eplanner files.  Simply click on a link below to access the appropriate grade.  (You need the free Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files.)



TCDS has two handbooks – one for the early childhood education program (preschool and pre-kindergarten), and one for kindergarten through eighth grade students.  The handbooks are similar in many ways, but also contain information that is specific to a particular grade level or grade levels. Information about the school expectations, tax credit donations, curricular fees, sports programs and other clubs, in addition to other information, is included in the handbook.

Click here to download the 2018-19 Early Childhood Handbook (Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten.

Click here to download the 2018-19 Kindergarten through Eighth Parent Student Handbook.


TCDS has staggered starting and ending times to minimize traffic in the parking lot.

Kindergarten through 3rd grade students attend school from 8:30 am to 3:15 pm.  4th through 8th grade students attend school from 8:00 am to 2:45 pm.  Students may arrive as early at 7:30 am to enjoy staff supervised free time at the lower playground.  Additionally, “sibling care” supervision is provided for 4th through 8th grade students who need to remain after school to wait for a younger sibling to be dismissed at 3:15 pm.

A fee-based before and after school care program is available to students who need to arrive at school prior to 7:30 am or who need to remain at school more than 15 minutes after they (and any siblings) are dismissed at the end of the day. Extended care is offered in the morning starting as early as 6:30 am and after school until 6 pm.

Before-School Care

Children arriving on campus between 6:30 am and 7:30 am need to be enrolled in our before-care program at a cost of $25.00 per child per week.

There is free staff supervision on the lower playground between 7:30 am and the beginning of the school-day instruction.

Please walk your student down to the lower playground (below the pools), and let a staff member know they have arrived. Students do NOT need to be signed in daily for school, but must stay on the lower playground under staff supervision until morning Flag Ceremony. It is not necessary for parents to remain on campus until flag.

After-School Care

In the afternoon, supervision is provided for 4th through 8th grade students who are waiting for a parent until 3:00 pm. Supervision is provided for kindergarten through 3rd grade students who are waiting for a parent until 3:30 pm. After-school care is available until 6:00 pm.

“One hour” of aftercare per day is available until 4:15 pm for parents who need a shorter period of time.

Students who are not picked up within 15 minutes of their dismissal time will be checked into the aftercare program.

Sibling Exceptions

The only exceptions are for 4th through 8th grade students who have a sibling in kindergarten through 3rd grade. They may wait after school for their sibling in our free, supervised “Sibling Care” program until their sibling is dismissed from school.


TCDS is a uniform school.  All students in kindergarten through 8th grade wear uniforms as described below.  Students enrolled in the Early Childhood Program are not required to wear uniforms.  Our uniform policy is designed to make it easy to identify grade levels on campus and to give students a sense of pride in their grade level as they move through our school.

Uniform Bottoms: All students in kinder through 7th grade wear navy blue bottoms. 8th graders wear khaki bottoms.  The length of shorts, skirts, skorts and jumpers must be at least the length of the middle finger when the student’s arm is extended straight down the side of their leg.  Leggings, jeggings, yoga pants and simlarly-styled pants, sweatpants with elastic at the ankles, athletic shorts with holes in the material and jeans are not permitted.  Leggings can be worn under uniform bottoms as socks or tights but they cannot be worn without an appropriate uniform bottom (pants, shorts, skorts, skirt or jumper).

Please Note: There is an expectation that the school uniform will be modest in appearance. Therefore, leggings, jeggings, yoga pants and other similar bottoms are not considered to be uniform bottoms.

Uniform Tops: Shirt colors are designated by grade level and must have a collar.

All uniform shirts and bottoms must be a solid color and cannot have monograms, stripes, logos or other markings on them.

Students may wear an undershirt or other shirt under their uniform top, but it must be white and cannot extend below the bottom of the school uniform shirt.  Shirts worn under the uniform top must be plain and cannot display any lace, design, logos, etc.

Socks, Tights and Leggings: Students can wear leggings or long socks but they must be blue, black or white and be one solid color. There are no restrictions on color/design for socks that are ankle length or shorter.

Uniform colors are as follows:

  • Preschool/PreK: No uniforms
  • Kindergarten/First grade: Plain white shirts with a collar, navy blue bottoms
  • Second/Third grade: Plain yellow shirts with a collar, navy blue bottoms
  • Fourth/Fifth grade: Plain red shirts with a collar, navy blue bottoms
  • Sixth grade: Plain sky blue shirts with a collar, navy blue bottoms
  • Seventh grade: Plain kelly green shirts with a collar, navy blue bottoms
  • Eighth grade: Plain navy blue shirts with a collar, khaki bottoms

Dress Down Days – With the exception of the uniform itself, the school dress code policies apply to “Dress Down Days” and other times when students are permitted to dress out of uniform, as well as to all after-school functions including, but not limited, to Skate Country fundraiser events, field trips that are held during and outside of regular school hours, and special events such as the 8th grade dance and graduation.  Spaghetti straps, cut-off jeans or pants, pants with holes in them, leggings, jeggings and yoga pants worn as bottoms, revealing clothing and bare midriffs are not permitted on Dress Down Days.

Do you want a uniform shirt with the school logo?

Polo shirts with the school logo are available for $11 for all grade levels in the Student Store. Quantities are limited to first come, first served.


TCDS offers a lunch program five days per week. While we cannot cook meals on campus, we contract with a caterer called “Healthy Innovations” to provide nutritional, great tasting, student-friendly lunches each day.  All students in the Early Childhood Program through 8th grade can choose to purchase a lunch.  K-8 students can generally choose one of two main course items. Middle School students can buy a full lunch and an extra main item.  Early Childhood students have one choice each day.  Each meal includes a trip to the salad bar.  Our students love this!

We participate in the federal Free and Reduced Lunch program.  Applications are available in the school office and online.  Click here to learn more about this program and to download an application.

We ask parents to complete a lunch order and send in payments on a monthly basis.  Orders can be changed or modified as late as the day before a lunch is served.

School lunches cost $3.75 per lunch. This includes a main course, fruit and salad bar, and a drink.  The reduced lunch price is $0.40 per lunch.

Our lunch menu changes each month.  Visit our School Lunch page to learn more and to see what we are serving this month.

Click here to go to our School Lunch page.  You can turn in a paper order or place your order online.

Have questions?  Please give us a call at  (520) 296-0883.


As a school that participates in the National School Lunch Program, TCDS is required by federal law to establish a school wellness policy. The Local Wellness Policy Final Rule, published in July 2016, requires all participating schools to meet local wellness policy requirements set forth in section 204 of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.  The final rule requires that each school establish minimum content requirements for the school wellness policy, ensure stakeholder participation in the development and updates of the policy, and periodically assess and disclose to the public the school’s compliance with the school wellness policy.  Regulations are expected to result in school wellness policies that strengthen the ability of schools to create a school nutrition environment that promotes students’ health, well-being, and ability to learn.  In addition, these regulations will increase transparency for the public with regard to school wellness policies and contribute to integrity in the school nutrition program.


Our school’s Wellness Policy was approved by TCDS’s Governing Board at their annual meeting on June 29, 2017.   You can view the Wellness policy by clicking  the link below.   All TCDS families are encouraged to read and become familiar with it.  The policy will be reviewed and updated (as necessary) on an annual basis and every three years, TCDS will be assessed on how well we followed the policy.  The policy assessment will be made available to the public and will be provided to a state auditor during our free and reduced lunch program administrative review.   Staff and TCDS families will be invited and encouraged to participate in the annual review and update.

Click here to view the TCDS Wellness Policy.        * The policy is a PDF document and requires Acrobat Reader to open and view.