Third Grade Students Use Poetic Skills During Poetry Café

Third grade students held a Poetry Café Tuesday night.

The teachers transformed their classrooms into cozy cafés with tablecloths, candles and twinkling lights hung up. The students and their parents were treated to hot chocolate and other treats such as cookies, brownies and cheese and crackers while they listened to the children read their own poetry from handmade poetry books.

Over the past month, the students have been reading and writing various types of poetry. They have also been learning about the elements of poetry.

Students created individual books with the poems that they wrote. The Poetry Café allowed students to share their poems with their parents, as the students each read aloud selections of the poetry that they had written.

Wonderful work third grade students and teachers! You put in a lot of hard work learning about and writing poetry, you we think you did a great job! 

pictures 025

pictures 024

What great colors on your title page Dani Jo!

pictures 026

Students and parents were treated to tasty desserts while they listened to poems being read.

pictures 027

Alizae is proud of her poetry book.


pictures 028

Jackson wrote a great poem about a reindeer.


pictures 030

Finn read a poem and then smiled with his poetry book.

pictures 031

Xander did an excellent job creating his poetry book.


pictures 032

Nathan is happy with his poetry book.


pictures 034

pictures 035

Ms. Lopez decorated her room to make it look like a stage, with the audience enjoying the dim-lighted ambiance.


pictures 036

Izabella shows off her colorful poetry book.


pictures 039

A group of students show off their work during the Poetry Café.