Third Grade Science Unit: From Seed…To Plant

Third grade students have spent time in science learning about seeds and plants. They’ve worked on a variety of activities to learn about the life cycle of a plant – starting with a seed and germination.

Students used magnifying glasses to observe seeds on the outside as well as what they look like inside. Students also measured dry and soaked beans to observe the difference in size.

Students showed their knowledge of germination by placing a bean seed into a bag – along with a wet paper towel – and made sure the seed had enough sun.

Observations took place over one week. During that time, some seeds actually sprouted and no longer had room to grow inside the Ziploc bag. At that point, students and teachers visited the school’s garden where they used some soil to plant their seeds into a large cup. Students got to take their seeds home to continue to care for them.

What a great life cycle unit on seeds and plants, third grade!



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