Third Grade Reports, “We Saved Fred!”

We saved Fred! We saved Fred! That’s the word on the campus. So..just who is Fred, and what is this all about?

All of third grade worked together during Science recently to study how to put the Scientific Method into action – and while doing so, they saved Fred! 

No, no…Fred is not a student. He’s actually a gummy worm…or rather, many gummy worms. Students worked in teams of three to four in order to save Fred. Turns out, Fred likes to go boating, but he does not like to wear his life preserver. When his boat capsized and his preserver was stuck under the boat, the students jumped into action to help.

The rules for successfully saving Fred? The gummy worm cannot touch the water, and the student rescuers can only touch the four paperclips used in order to save Fred. 

Students had to figure out how to get the life preserver (a Gummi Saver) out from under the boat and on to Fred!

Ms. Becki says, “Our students showed some great planning (Begin with the End in Mind!) and teamwork (Synergizing!) in order to save our little, gummy friend.”

Way to go and great teamwork, students!

Perhaps Fred was actually a caterpillar, and once saved, it turned into this beautiful butterfly? With young minds and their imaginations, who knows?