These Coyotes Sure Are Busy!

Students throughout campus are busy with academics – lessons, activities, projects and more.

Ms. Adrienne talked about some of the things that have been going on lately in her second grade classroom that’s keeping her students – the Coyotes – busy learning and working together.

Synergizing with Science Fair Projects

The Science Fair is coming up – and second grade students are busy working on their display boards now that they have completed each step in the Scientific Inquiry Process for their assigned group projects.

After reviewing previous year’s examples of display boards, students worked in their groups to create and cut out headings and place their information on the boards.

Parents can see the projects – along with middle school and a variety of other grade level projects – on STEAM night on March 14 at 6 PM.  Some projects may be selected for SARSEF (Southern Arizona Research, Science and Engineering Foundation).

Learning Through Play

Ms. Adrienne writes, “Recess is not wasted time. It is when children learn to negotiate, resolve conflict, delegate, create and follow the laws of the playground and explore their own creativity…”

The students got to check out our school’s new playground.