The School Year is Almost Over – and Graduates are Gearing Up!

It’s that time of year…as the school year winds down, we start to prepare for students moving on to the next grade level. This means promotion ceremonies for students moving from kindergarten to first grade, and for students leaving middle school and heading off to high school.

Last week, we dressed up our grads in a formal cap and gown so we could capture the moment on camera.

Join us for a trip to the TCDS Photo Studio, more commonly known as our K-5 Spanish room.


The PROMOTION gown!  And our amazing portrait studio!

IMG_8725        IMG_8723


Middle School students watch as their peers put on their cap and gown and get spruced up!

IMG_8694  IMG_8699

IMG_8701     IMG_8700


Time for the picture.  Ready, aim….shoot!

IMG_8689     IMG_8687



Once the eighth graders finished their pictures, it was time for the kinder…easy on and easy off!

IMG_8708    IMG_8721


IMG_8722    IMG_8703


A few last minute directions…fix the tassle…one last adjustment…and SMILE!

IMG_8714     IMG_8713

IMG_8724     IMG_8715



 IMG_8716    IMG_8718     



A good time was had by all!


All of the students were on their best behavior.  They got in and out of their gown and back to class in no time!

An early congratulations to all!  We can’t wait to see the pictures!