The Power of One Young Voice – Helping Hurricane Harvey Victims in Big Ways!

It only takes the power of one young voice to help those suffering across the nation. Third grade student Dominic presented his idea – out of concern for Hurricane Harvey victims – which led to him helping raise more than $1,500 to help those in need in Texas.

American Red Cross representative John Patton attended our school’s 8:30am flag ceremony Monday to receive a large check presented by Dominic. He explained how last Friday’s Dress Down Day came about and and gave a giant-sized pretend check (in addition to a real check) for $1501.75.

How our special Dress Down Day came to be: Dominic approached our school’s office staff last Monday to propose a “Dress Down Day” with 100% of the proceeds going to Hurricane Harvey victims. Although it was not previously scheduled, students and staff immediately agreed, and the dress down day to support Hurricane Harvey victims was set for this past Friday. Bringing in more than three times the normal amount from a dress down day, students, families and staff raised $1501.75.

Dominic’s idea of helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey – who live more than 1,000 miles away from him – has led to our TCDS community of just over 800 students pulling together to make great things happen to help those in need.

Dominic’s father Mark, an EMT and firefighter at a Tucson fire department, says he watches the news a lot, so Dominic has seen news stories on Hurricane Harvey. Soon after watching the news, Dominic came up with the idea on his own to see if TCDS could “have a dress down day for the people in Houston and give them the money.” Mark is very proud of his son, although says Dominic’s generosity “wasn’t really a surprise…because he is such a sweet heart.”

With Hurricane Harvey in the news daily, what an inspiring story showing how our TCDS community is helping hurricane victims.

John Patton thanked our students. Ms. Nicky also presented Dominic with a Matter of Pride (MOP) shirt and an I’m a Leader shirt to thank him for his kindness.

KGUN9 covered this story. You can see the news stories via the following link.