“The Grunch” – Drama Club Produces Amazing Musical

The Drama Club produced an amazing musical – “The Grunch” – a spin-off of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.

In “The Grunch”, a girl gets involved with the production of a students’ play with the purpose of attempting to ruin the play and make the actors and actresses look bad to highly-acclaimed reviewers. Throughout her involvement in the musical, the character realizes that she actually does enjoy being involved.

Fourth through eighth grade students who are in Drama Club have been practicing for the play and performed it for families and friends recently. The actors and actresses were enthusiastic, and the play was exciting to watch. It was full of comedic lines – some of which were personalized to Tucson – entertaining songs, and a great lesson was learned at the end of the play. Our students did a wonderful job singing the beautiful songs and were great performers.

Middle school Spanish teacher Senora McDonald and Elementary Music teacher Mrs. Bell directed the play. They said the tech and backstage crew did a lot of the work!

Way to go, students!

Grunch 1

Grunch 2

Grunch 3

Grunch 4

Grunch 5

Grunch 6

Grunch 7

Grunch 8

Grunch 9

Grunch 10

Grunch 11

Grunch 12

Grunch 13

Grunch 14

Grunch 16

Grunch 17

Grunch 19

Grunch 20

Grunch 21

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Grunch 25

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