Teachers Learn Everyday Too!

As teachers, we strive to teach our students to be the best that they can be – Champions in every way.

Kindergarten teacher Ms. Culbertson knows that it’s not only the students who receive the teaching. Did you know that teachers do as well?

Ms. Culbertson would like to spotlight a few teachers and staff who have mentored her in helping her to improve her Daily 5 routine.

Ms. Culbertson writes:

After school before winter break, Ms. Lopez went over the layout for Daily 5 in the classroom and how to move through each segment of the program outline. She spent time sorting through all of the key elements of the program. I am most grateful to her for her time and diligence, and she lent her Two Sisters’ chimes to remind students when to transition.

The next staff is Ms. Wendy. After the kindergarten team met for weekly planning, Ms. Wendy spent an hour sharing her procedures and routines regarding journal writing. At this age, students are learning to sound out words to spell and formulate their thoughts into sentences. This can be quite daunting and challenging for students. Ms. Wendy gave ideas on how to present writing to the students and how to better prepare their writing skills when completing their writing prompts.

Mr. Rubin and Ms. Miranda are excellent examples of how a good coach should behave towards the sport that they are coaching and instructing their young team players. Both are very positive about team work, complimenting when appropriate and encouraging players when needed. They demonstrate great rapport to not only their team, but parents and referees as well. We are most fortunate to have them working with our students and setting good examples of leadership.

Thank you!