Teachers are Already Back to School!

While students were relaxing during the last week of summer vacation, TCDS teachers and staff were hustling and bustling around campus already!

We’ve been busy learning about many different things from the grading system to The Leader in Me. Teachers have also been meeting with their grade level teams to plan Champion days – the first two days of school – as well as creating lesson plans.

We are excited to see our students on Monday morning – the kickoff of the school’s 50th year!

Here is a look at your teachers and staff synergizing while engaged in learning this past week.



The TCDS Coordinators

We caught a picture of a beautiful rainbow during a cloudy day on campus.

We took a short break from professional development to “ham it up” for the camera. Yes, we teachers and staff can be a bit silly sometimes! Thank you to Snaptive for taking the following pictures.



Some construction took place during the summer. Carpets were ripped out and replaced with tile and throw rugs in a couple of second and third grade classrooms.