TCDS Young Reporters Gather Important Journalism Skills at Annual Workshop

Three of our four Young Reporters – reporting for Bear Essential News for Kids – attended the Bear’s annual workshop at the KVOA News 4 Studios recently, and they learned a ton while having a lot of fun!

The three eighth grade students – Ethan, Nate and Zedekiah – woke up early to take a drive with Mrs. Kappler to the downtown studios on Saturday, September 23. About 90 kids from Southern Arizona attended the workshop to learn about journalism and writing articles.

Our TCDS students were treated to workshops that covered news writing, diction and voice, reporting and TV anchoring (because all Young Reporters have a chance to be an “on-air reporter” and report their non-fiction stories on broadcast news station KVOA 4).  

KVOA 4 Sports Anchor and Reporter Paul Cicala taught many of the sessions, and he was also the keynote speaker. Bear Essential staff and also a KVOA 4 photographer provided the kids with important information during the workshop as well.

Our fourth Young Reporter, eighth grade student Sienna, was not able to attend the Young Reporters workshop.

If your child would like information about becoming a Young Reporter for Bear Essential News for Kids, you can email our school’s Community Relations Director, who is also our school’s Young Reporters Advisor, Sarah McKeown at, and also please visit the following pages:

Below is a link to the article written on the Bear Essential News website in regards to the Young Reporters workshop.

Below are pictures of our students while attending the workshop. Ethan, Nate and Zedekiah were so excited to take part in the special day and feel they gained many important journalism skills. We look forward to seeing their articles in the Bear Essential!