TCDS Young Reporters Become Published Writers!

Our TCDS Young Reporters are making headlines – literally!

Eighth grade students Nathanial K. and Ethan W. are two of our Young Reporters for Bear Essential News. They teamed up to write a wonderful story about our school’s ACE program and the program’s teacher, Mr. Kievit.

When the October issue of Bear Essential News came out, we were so excited to see that the boys’ article was published in it! In addition, a picture taken by another eighth grade Young Reporter, Zedekiah J., was published to go along with the ACE article.

WOW! Congratulations to our published writersand photographers! We are so proud of you.

Here is the link to our TCDS students’ article:

But…that’s not all…keep scrolling past the following thre pictures for more exciting Young Reporter news….

We then received an email from Bear Essential News asking if all three of our Young Reporters who submitted articles would like to be “on-air reporters” and report their stories on KVOA4! Zedekiah, Ethan and Nathaniel were thrilled to – so we took a trip to KVOA4 Studios one evening for the print reporters and photgrapher to become broadcast news reporters, as Zedekiah had written a story as well.

Each of the boys were hooked up to their own microphone and sat at the news station’s anchor desk to report their stories. In addition, they each got to read a commercial in regards to Bear Essential News.

Our students practiced one time each for their stories and commercials – reading the scripts off the teleprompter. Then, the camera started rolling, and each of the boys were recorded as they profesionally reported!

The segments aired on KVOA4 the past two Saturday mornings. We are so proud of you, Zedekiah, Ethan and Nathaniel!