TCDS Victory Garden Seeking Supplies to be Donated

The TCDS Victory Garden is becoming an on-campus field trip experience that enriches the learning already happening in the classroom. The students and classrooms participating in field trips to the garden will be working on projects such as starting seasonal seeds, maintaining garden plots, harvesting vegetables and organizing plant sales. This will allow students to have fun while learning in nature during their school day.

To be as successful as possible, we are looking for supplies to be used in the Victory Garden. If you can donate any items, donations can be dropped of by the Victory Garden shed, in Mrs. Maxwell’s classroom or in Mr. Adam’s office in the Resource building. Thank you!

Recyclable items needed:  (Clean and dry – Thank you!)

Egg cartons

Coffee cans

Brown paper bags


Tin / Aluminum cans “vegetable soup cans”

Soda cans – big and small

Large yogurt containers

Old clean sheets

Clear plastic bottles

Cereal boxes

New or Gently used items needed:


Gloves – kid and adult-size

Fishing line

Water hose

Rakes – kid-size

Spray nozzles

Weed fabric



Thermometers – all kinds

Magnifying glasses


Types of Greenhouse Plastic:

Polyethylene Plastic, 4 or 6 mil

Copolymer Plastic

Polyvinyl Plastic

Polycarbonate Plastic