TCDS Students Receive Star Treatment with a Red Carpet “Back to School” Welcome!

Tucson Country Day School teachers and staff rolled out the red carpet to welcome students back to school this Thursday, August 8. Students got the star treatment from the teachers and staff the moment they made their way on campus for the first day of school.

The red carpet walkway began at the parking lot sidewalk and went through the school’s gate and into the campus. Students were surprised as they welcomed the opportunity to become the stars “walking the red carpet” as they entered the school. Teachers and staff served as the fans on both sides of the red carpet as they high-fived, clapped and cheered for the students.

The red carpet welcome is a way to encourage our students and let them know how much we care about them and are excited for them to be with us at school. We hope it also lets students know that we teachers and staff will be their fans from day one of the school year. In addition, the red carpet welcome will help build our school unity. This exciting event kicked off our school year on a very positive note. 

Take a look at some of our smiling students as the walked the red carpet. They had a marvelous time being star Champions! 

Tristan Ingraham

Tristan smiles as he makes his is about to begin his first day of school.


Tessa and Mylo Gallego

Tessa and Mylo are welcomed by teachers and staff.


Tanner Gonzaga, Curtis Runnion, Fabian Boatner

Hitting the red carpet are students Tanner, Curtis and Fabian.


Sierra Ahrendt

It’s all smiles for Sierra.


Rasta Anderson, Ruby Vasquez

Rasta and Ruby are proud to be eighth graders.


Mrs. Maddock, Dr. Saliba

Mrs. Maddock and Dr. Saliba cheer for arriving students.


Maren Huerta

Teachers and staff clap for Maren as she walks the red carpet.


Kacia Nguyen

Kacia is ready to begin the school day.


Justin Mageau, Jaden Seibert

It’s high-fives for Justin and Jaden.


Isabella Barton

Isabella smiles at TCDS staff.


Isaiah Boettcher

Isaiah sure is a happy student.


Isaiah Matlock, Caleb Matlock

Isaiah and Caleb give high-fives to teachers and staff as they walk the red carpet.


Gavin Allen

Gavin walks the red carpet as he gets ready for the first day of school.


Ian Wynkoop

Ian smiles as teachers clap for him.


Ilah Harris

Ilah is all smiles as she gives high-fives to teachers and staff.


Hessick Eason

Hessick proudly walks the red carpet, ready to begin the first day of school.


Caleb Bloom

We see big smiles and high-fives for Caleb.


Daniel Taube

Daniel makes his way down the red carpet.


Hailey Moran 2

Hailey gives a high-five to Mr. Hall.


Hayden Jones

Hayden is excited to begin his first day of school.


Ashley Russo, Jared Russo, Bella Islas

Ashley smiles and walks the red carpet. Making their way down the red carpet also are her brother, Jared and student Bella.


Andru Gomez, Aaron Gomez

Andru and Aaron are ready to start school as they walk the red carpet.


Amanda Jones

Amanda gets ready to high-five a teacher.


Aiden and Korben Larson

Aiden and Korben are ready to begin the first day of school.


Aiden Curtis

Aiden walks the red carpet.


Aishwarya Petula

Ms. Fiore gives Aishwarya a hug as she walks the red carpet. 


Alexis Chapman

Supplies in hand, Alexis is ready to begin her first day of school.


Red Carpet

Students received a red carpet welcome as they headed toward morning flag ceremony.