TCDS Star Party Brings Students and Families Together for Evening of Fun

Last week’s evening event was run by middle school Science teachers Mrs. Maxwell and Mrs. Huetter. Also helping out were fifth grade teacher Mr. Fisher, the middle school Ninjas and House Marvel.

Participants rotated through a variety of exciting sessions including “Exploring the Night Sky” with David Acklam from Project Astro. Multiple telescopes were set up on the lower basketball courts to view stars, planets and some even caught a glimpse of the International Space Station as it passed overhead.




Also at the Star Party were Larry Lebofsky and Thea Canizo of the Planetary Science Institute who discussed and showed meteorite fragments; a Light and Energy presentation by Will Roddy and Becca Levy from the University of Arizona and the National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO); and Rick Felker, a former SR-71 Blackbird pilot who gave a presentation on high performance air- and spacecraft.


For those feeling crafty, Kate Maxwell and the Tanque Verde High School Art Club helped folks draw their own renditions of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”.





Raffles, games, prizes, and even a bake sale by TCDS students rounded out the fun and educational evening.