TCDS Staff are On the Bus!

Did you know your Tucson Country Day School staff met this summer to go through three days of intensive training on Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People?

We did.

Staff are learning to use the 7 habits in their daily activities at TCDS.  This is being done in preparation to roll the 7 habits out to all of our students.  The 7 habits will be taught as part of our adoption of Stephen Covey’s Leader in Me program.  To get the program rolling, staff spent several sessions talking about what we — your TCDS teachers and employees – believe in and how we can work together to commit to certain practices that will ensure our goals of social and academic excellence are met.

After much discussion, and some hard work at last month’s Expectations Team meeting, we came up with our “Collective Commitments,” the language we will all adopt to meet our objectives of social and academic excellence.

Ms. Lopez writes out our Collective Commitments so staff can sign , showing they are on the bus…




The commitment says:

“Our mission at TCDS is social and academic excellence.

Since we are committed to developing social excellence in students, we as adults must model and practice the 7 Habits at TCDS.

We will use our passion for academic excellence to create a positive learning environment that provides students with opportunities to lead and to be leaders of their own learning.

We are ‘on the bus’ and committed to developing social and academic excellence.”

Watch for more information coming home about the 7 Habits and the Leader in Me.