TCDS Siblings Appear in UA Blog for OSIRIS-REx Mission

Two TCDS siblings are making the news at the University of Arizona!

Fifth-grade student Jack and second-grade student Pete are featured in a recent University of Arizona blog, written by guest blogger Dolores Hill; the blog post discusses the history-making OSIRIS-REx mission.

Dolores shares about the OSIRIS-Rex mission as well as news about asteroids and meteorites with the public, in places such as the recent Tucson Festival of Books. Jack, in Ms. Annie’s class, and Pete, in Ms. Pena’s class, go with their family each year to visit Dolores at the Tucson Festival of Books.


TCDS siblings Jack and Pete pose with their favorite meteorite at Tucson Festival of Books. The picture was taken two years ago and is featured in a University of Arizona blog.

The OSIRIS-REx website – – says that OSIRIS-REx stands for “Origins Spectral Interpretation Resource Identification and Security-Regolith Explorer”.  The OSIRIS-Rex spacecraft is going “to Bennu, a carbon-rich asteroid that records the earliest history of our Solar System, and bringing a piece of it back to Earth.” This is the first U.S. mission that hopes to return samples from an asteroid to Earth, and that focuses on multiple NASA solar system exploration objectives.

To check out the entire blog post that Dolores Hill wrote about educating the public about the OSIRIS-Rex mission, head to the link below: