TCDS Science Fair Full of Interesting and Creative Projects

The recent TCDS Science Fair was full of creative, interesting and scientific projects.

All middle school students participated, and the science fair was also open to elementary students.

Students who came to the Science Fair had a great experience while they presented their science boards and answered questions from audience. It was a wonderful turn out of supportive families and exciting ideas!

Congratulations to all the 2014 TCDS Science Fair Winners, many of whom are SARSEF Qualifiers. (See below for more information about SARSEF.)

Name and Grade

Project Title

TCDS Award

Jack G., 8th

Tebuchet Launch

Grand Champion

Jared R, 8th

Which Device Will Successfully Charge With a Solar Panel?

8th Grade 1st Place

Sean B., 8th

Gambel’s Quail Preferred Food Out of Striped Sunflower Seeds, Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, Millet, or Thistle.

8th Grade 2nd Place

Sydney P., 8th

How Clean is Your School?

8th Grade 3rd Place

Jessica S., 8th

What is the Eggsact Speed of Light?

8th Grade 3rd Place

Gabe M., 7th

Tucson Ozone

7th Grade 1st Place

Aryah H., 7th

Which Brand of Orange Juice Contains the Most Vitamin C?

7th Grade 2nd Place

Jacob J., 7th

Hard Vs. Soft

7th Grade 3rd Place

Nicholas B., 7th

Boom-Boom Solar Power!

7th Grade – Qualifier

Annabelle N., 7th

What is the Effect of a Change in Temperature on the Rate of the Chemical Reaction of Alka-Seltzer & Water, Using Three Different Water Temperatures?

7th Grade – Qualifier

Morgan H., 6th

What Learning Strategies Works Best for Students?

6th Grade 1st Place

Alexis T., 6th

Cricket Food –  Fruit Vs. Vegetable

6th Grade 2nd Place

Torren W., 6th

Solar is the Future for Sustainability

6th Grade 2nd Place

Faith S., 6th

How Much Light Energy Does It Take to Run a Fan?

6th Grade 3rd Place

Nic O., 6th

How Plants Grow in Different Soil

6th Grade 3rd Place

Mr. Fisher’s 5th Grade Class

Impact of High Intensity Exercise

5th Grade 1st Place

Ms. Getz’s 3rd Grade Class

Translucent, Transparent, or Opaque

3rd Grade 1st Place

Ms. Shannon’s 3rd Grade Class

Maze of Mirrors

3rd Grade 2nd Place

Ms. Stacey’s 3rd Grade Class

Refraction -Do Other Liquids Bend Light as Well as Water?

3rd Grade 3rd Place

Ms. Lopez’s 3rd Grade  Class

Which Color Absorbs Heat Energy Best?

3rd Grade 3rd Place

Soraya N., 1st

What Cats Like to Eat!

1st Grade 1st Place

Nestor R., 1st

Angry Birds Flying Science

1st Grade 2nd Place

Teja A., 1st

Liquid Density

1st Grade 3rd Place

Daisha F., 1st

How Do Rocks Have Diamonds Inside of Them?

1st Grade Honorable Mention

The Southern Arizona Research, Science and Engineering Fair, also called SARSEF,  is the week of March 10th. Middle School students who qualified and who are not attending the Washington D.C. field trip will have the opportunity to be interviewed formally at SARSEF during that week in regards to their science projects.  There is a FREE Family Fun Night for any families who want to attend on Wednesday, March 12th from 5:30pm to 8pm at the Tucson Convention Center, Halls A,B,&C.  There will be fun science experiments to participate in as well as view all the qualifying projects from kindergarten through high school.