Our History, Mission and Beliefs

The History Behind Tucson Country Day School

In 1968, Mr. Richard Cooper opened the doors of Tucson Country Day School (TCDS) for the first time. The school opened as a private school, eventually serving more than 300 pre-school through sixth grade students. The school was renowned for its academic programs, and for Camp Adventure, a program that continues to provide social and skill development opportunities for more than 200 students each summer.

In 2000, Mr. Cooper turned Tucson Country Day School (TCDS) into a public charter school.  The first year, we had 43 students in kindergarten through 3rd grade.  We added an additional grade each year, completing our program with eighth grade in 2005.

Being a public, tuition-free charter school, enables TCDS to offer an excellent education to all students. We operate under the rules of the Arizona Department of Education and the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools.

Since we opened as a charter school in 2000, Tucson Country Day School has grown in enrollment and facilities.  We serve students from pre-school through eighth grade, and, though our total capacity is 876 students, we maintain a family-friendly, community-based school through our small class sizes and emphasis on the schoolwide community.

We are the Tucson Country Day School Champions where EVERY student is a Champion.  We start our year with two Champion days that focus on building the school community and ensure that every staff member, student and family knows the culture at TCDS and our schoolwide expectations.

TCDS is governed by a five-member school board. Day-to-day operations are overseen by Mr. Cooper (President, Founder and CEO) and his administrative team.

One School for Preschool Through Eighth Grade!

Our students can begin their lifelong learning journey at three years old and continue on the same, familiar campus through eighth grade.

Many students graduate from TCDS after completing preschool, elementary and middle school here.  Parents enjoy the option of choosing just one school for their educational journey, especially when they are able to bring all of their children – preschool, elementary and middle school – to one location each day!

Tucson Country Day School Mission

Tucson Country Day School is dedicated to providing an educational environment where children, regardless of race, nationality or creed, can grow and learn in an atmosphere of respect and understanding. We strive to develop the unique qualities of each child through positive reinforcement, research-based instructional practices, exposure to comprehensive, relevant curriculum, and experiences that inspire each student to view himself or herself as a successful learner.

Our Belief Statements

  • Every student can succeed, and it is our responsibility to ensure that every student does.
  • Our priorities are the academic, social, and overall welfare of students.
  • Innovation, inspiration, and motivation profoundly impact teacher effectiveness and student growth.
  • Students, parents and colleagues deserve to be treated with dignity, honor, and respect.
  • Parents/guardians are deemed as partners with the school in their child’s education.
  • Professionalism and teamwork contribute to the success of the school.
  • Shared leadership, responsibility, and accountability contribute to shared successes.
  • The professional development of staff is paramount to the competitiveness of the school.
  • Excellence is achieved through high standards and expectations.
  • The culture of the school thrives when a supportive and positive atmosphere exists.

Our Student Pledge

I am a Champion.
I am an individual.

I make mistakes so I can learn.
I learn so I can succeed.

I am somebody.

I will become the person I want to be.
I will act like a Champion in every way.