TCDS Garden: The Winter Harvest is Here!


Garden Club members as well as students during the day have been busy tending to the school’s garden, and we’re excited to say the winter harvest is here!

Students had fun picking many vegetables such as carrots and lettuce. They enjoyed the first tastes of their hard work in the garden.

Students are also continuing the work in the garden, tending to the compost and the vegetables and keeping the garden fresh and growing.


First graders Linda, Mateo and Amber enjoy eating some carrots that they have tended to for weeks.



The Garden Club participants get ready to sample the harvest’s bounty.



The students were so productive in the garden that they got to take fixings for salad home to share with family.



How exciting, the carrots have come in and are ready to try.



First graders take some time to explore the earthworms’ habitat.



Nick, our middle school assistant, and fourth grader Daniel put the finishing touches on the collection bins.



Students pick lettuce from the garden.



Sixth grader Kayla collects vegetables from the garden.



These students trimmed lettuce with the Garden Club’s highschool volunteer, Ms. Maxwell’s daughter.



First graders Nestor and Lucas, as well as third grader Finn tend to the compost that was collected during first to fifth grade lunches.



Nestor, Lucas and Finn tend to the compost that was collected during first to fifth grade lunches.



Students tend to the garden as they check out the vegetables they were able to grow in the garden.



Ms. Shannon’s third grade class watched as classmates released earthworms.