TCDS Garden: A Place For Learning Throughout the School Day

While our school’s Garden Club is in full swing after school, the TCDS Garden is getting quite a lot of attention throughout the school day. 

One of our school’s paraprofessionals, Mr. Adam, has been helping groups of students work on a variety of projects in the garden during school hours. Each week, Mr. Adam plans a project to focus on with the students. 

Composting Fun

Mr. Adam’s ongoing project is composting each day. Recently, he’s been working with students he calls the “Captains of Compost”. The kids turn compost that students collect during lunch, help prepare the soil for winter seeding and build compost bins.


Mateo works on a dirty, yet productive, composting job. First through fifth grade students collect food scraps for compost during lunch time.


Lupe digs up weeds and prepares the soil for planting seeds.


Aayden is hard at work building compost bins for the garden.



Aayden is concentrating as he drills nails into the pieces of wood to make a compost bin.



What a great job!

A big thank you to Mesquite Valley Growers who donated the pallets used for constructing the compost bins. The business also donated the seeds that are being used for the winter seeding. 

The Great Earthworm Release

Third grade classes donated earthworms to our school’s garden after they finished a unit all about the earthworms.


A group of first graders investigate the worm bin.



Students in Ms. Mazon’s class released the earthworms into a worm container in the garden.





Daniel observes earthworms while he helps release them into a big container that will be in the garden.



Daniel moves the earthworms from a bin to the worm container in the garden.

 Garden Math

Ms. Mazon’s fourth grade class worked in the garden, sowing winter seeds such as lettuce, cabbage, peas, corn and bok choy. A math lesson was incorporated as they practiced multiplication and area to help them successfully plant the seed beds. 


Students have fun with math while sowing seeds in the garden.


The students also help turn compost after collecting food scraps from leftover lunches.

Mr. Adam is asking for donations of empty and clean soup cans for an upcoming herb plant sale fundraiser that the Garden Club hopes to organize. 

Thank you Mr. Adam for organizing such a great team of students to help make our garden grow! Excellent work, students! You are doing a wonderful job.