TCDS Champions Walking the Red Carpet Featured in Newspaper

A great time was had by all, and we captured so many fantastic red-carpet moments with our students on the first day of school that we decided to send some of our photographs to the newspaper.

We submitted a few pictures of our “back to school” red carpet welcome to the Arizona Daily Star newspaper. This past Thursday, August 15, two of the pictures were featured in both the East Side and Foothills section of the Arizona Daily Star! 

Take a look below to see the pictures that were featured in the newspaper, as well as what was written about our red-carpet event.

The Red-Carpet Treatment: Kids get a surprise on the first day of school

Ashley Russo, Jared Russo, Bella Islas

Sixth-grader Ashley takes to the red carpet followed by her brother, eighth-grader Jared.


Hessick Eason

Hessick garners applause as he arrives. His little brother, behind, got in on the crowd attention.

Red-Carpet Students: Tucson Country Day School gave students the star treatment for opening day last Thursday, rolling out the red carpet to welcome them back for the first day of classes. Teachers and staff lined the walkway at the public charter school, welcoming students back.