Tax Credit Drive Going Strong

The tax credit drive is going very well! Is your mouse hanging on the fence?

The Kinder/First and Second/Third grade teams have each brought in enough tax credit donations to purchase their first COW computer.   The 4th/5th grade team and the Resource department have enough to purchase TWO computers for their COW.

Who will be next?

In addition to the reasons parents typically make a tax credit donation: to cover sports fees, to pay for summer prep, for specific programs like art, choir, band and orchestra, and as donations to other specific on-site extracurricular clubs like Garden club and Jump Rope club, we always have at least one major goal for our tax credit donations.

This year, we are trying to enhance our access to technology in our classrooms by purchasing COWS (computers on wheels) that can move from classroom to classroom. There are so many things we can do with technology – imagine if every child in the class had a laptop or notebook to work on?

WOW! That would be amazing.

This year, we are asking you to make your tax credit donation to the COW fund. Grade levels have teamed up together to try to raise enough money to purchase a COW (computer on wheels) to share among their two grade levels.

A COW unit with enough computers for every student in a class costs about $11,000 so every time a grade level team accumulates $500 in donations for the COW program, they have collected enough to add one more computer to their COW.  If every family contributed just $100 in tax credit donations to the COW fund, we would have almost enough to buy a COW for each team!

Ask your child’s teacher how he or she would use student laptops or notebooks in the classroom. You might be surprised at all of the amazing ways they will benefit our children.

If you ha?ve already made a tax credit donation this year for ANY purpose, look for your name on one of the orange mice hanging on the fence.