STUDENT FEATURE: NJHS to Hold Dress Down Day for Veterans

Dress Down for the Veterans

Written by Chris S., NJHS Secretary

Hey Champions, there’s a dress down day coming up, and National Junior Honor Society is sponsoring it!  All proceeds will go to Veterans Community Integration, an organization devoted to helping homeless veterans.  This dress down day will take place Friday, October 6.
As is typical of a Tucson Country Day School dress down day, the cost is one dollar, but extra donations are appreciated.  Dress down day and dress code restrictions still apply.
National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) will be responsible for collecting funds and donating the money to the previously mentioned charity.  This is the third year that NJHS will be cooperating with Veterans Community Integration, and we have scheduled a November trip to their warehouse to perform inventory.
Our very own Mrs. Cooper introduced NJHS to the group, and we have been conducting fundraisers for them ever since, donating all proceeds to their organization.

Learning About – and Thanking – Our Country’s Veterans

Students around campus learned about our country’s veterans this month in honor of Veteran’s Day.

Ms. Culbertson’s and Ms. Sammy’s kindergarten classes, along with Ms. Getz’s and Ms. Rianna’s third grade classes, joined together for a special visit with one of our country’s Veterans. He shared with the students what a Veteran is and also answered questions.

After the visit, the students made Veteran’s Day cards – thanking military heroes for serving our country. The next day, many local Veterans received the cards.

Ms. Sammy says that the Veterans who received the cards were touched, and they sent a thank you posted to the students. The poster is displayed in Ms. Culbertson’s classroom.

Thank you, students, for taking the time to learn about our country’s Veterans and honor them with thank you notes! We are proud of you.




First-Grade Students Receive Military Thank You in Return for Their Giving of Thanks

Ms. Kotel’s first grade students showed gratitude to our military heroes when they wrote and sent cards to a troop of soldiers in honor of Veteran’s Day this month.

Among the troop members is Sergeant Spoon, who has two children who attend TCDS.

To the kids’ surprise, the troop wrote a note back and also included a picture!

The following is what the soldiers’ note said:

Ms. Erin and Class,

Thank you so much for the Veteran’s day cards. They are so awesome! We loved
reading each and every one of them. You all did some amazing art work too!
Thank you so much for all of your outstanding support! Here is a picture of us
for your enjoyment (yes, that is Buffalo Wild Wing Sauce)!



Way to honor our troops, Ms. Kotel and class! A huge thank you to Sergeant Spoon for writing back to our students – and including this picture – on behalf of his troop.

Veterans Benefit From Generosity of TCDS National Junior Honor Society, Students and Families

Wow – talk about cooperation and community service among the students and families within our school!

On November 6th , our school’s National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) held a Dress Down Day for the Veterans Community Integration Program – a program which directly benefits homeless veterans in the Tucson area.

TCDS students who chose to dress down were asked to bring $1.00 or bring in a new toiletry item (such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, shaving lotion, razors, deodorant, etc.) to be donated to the Veterans Community Integration Program.

NJHS collected $494.31 and 652 individual toiletry items!  NJHS will use the $494.31 to purchase mattress covers, which is a much needed item on the organization’s “wish list.”

A huge thank you to the fabulous families of TCDS and all students in preschool through eighth grade! Because of your generosity, this NJHS-sponsored Dress Down Day was a complete success!

This past Tuesday, Jon Wayne Lewis from the Veterans Community Integration Program, came to thank our students for their generosity. He asked students to give themselves a hug and a pat on the back as a thank you from him.