Student Feature: Esteemed Excellence Demonstrated at NJHS Induction Ceremony

National Junior Honor Society Induction Ceremony

By: Chris Salazar, NJHS Secretary


On the evening of Thursday, February 15, the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) held its induction ceremony in the Multi-Purpose Room of Tucson Country Day School.  The ceremony’s purpose was to officially induct new members into the TCDS chapter of the NJHS.  This ceremony was one of many before in the chapter’s nine-year history.  About seventeen new members were inducted, ranging from sixth to eighth grade.  The ceremony is considered a formal occasion, so “dressy” clothing was expected among the current members, while new members received a notice stating that formal wear was appreciated. 

As all members of NJHS know, the application process is no easy task.  First, a review is done to see if you have met the minimum GPA requirement for one full semester prior to application.  You must also have been enrolled at TCDS for at least one semester.  If one has met these requirements, he or she will receive an application packet.  After submission, the packet will be reviewed by a council made up of TCDS faculty members.  If the council decides the applicant has met all the requirements and has the correct personality traits of a NJHS member, a letter is given to all applicants who have made it this far, offering membership in NJHS if he or she so desires.  If the applicant still wishes to proceed, the letter is returned and marked to indicate he or she still desires to be in NJHS.  After all trials and tribulations, the only thing left is to attend the induction ceremony and become an official member of the National Junior Honor Society.

This year’s induction ceremony was lovely.  Everyone was in formal dress, and the respect shown by the members was wonderful.  Along with the help of Ms. Courtney and Mr. Kievit (co-advisors of NJHS), Nathaniel K., the president of NJHS, and the other officers of NJHS did an excellent job of running the ceremony (nearly) flawlessly.  Aside from a couple blunders with the lighter during the candle ceremony (which provided a bit of comic relief!), the ceremony ran smoothly and was possibly the best one yet.  The quality of the ceremony was just another example of the esteemed excellence of the TCDS chapter of the National Junior Honor Society and its members.

Celebrating Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

Kindergarten students are all about Dr. Seuss this month since his birthday was March 2. The kids are doing an author study, reading books by Dr. Seuss and participating in many Dr. Seuss-related projects and lessons.

In Ms. Sarah’s class, her Jungle Cats made themselves “famous” – creating their own Cat in the Hat hats to wear!

Keep up the great work, and have fun learning about Dr. Seuss kindergarten kids!

Olympiad Day was a Huge Success!

Olympiad Day was a huge success – and so much fun – for our students, staff and volunteers!

Kindergarten through eighth grade students rotated between three areas during the day. Kids tried out fun and friendly games at the Carnival. All took turns running, jumping and playing team games with track and field events including the long jump, 50-yard dash, sack races, three-legged races and a relay race involving collecting the most water in a bucket…with a (new, of course) plunger! Next up, students played more team games with the scooters and another fun relay race.

A huge thank you to Ms. Kotel, Ms. Jacque, Ms. Laurie and Mr. Hall for leading such a great Olympiad Day. Also, thank you so much to all of our amazing parent, grandparent and student volunteers who helped the day run smoothly and successfully!

Take a look at these action-packed pictures, taken by the talented Ms. Wendy who’s also one of our kindergarten teachers. Click on the pictures to see them larger.


Zoo Field Trip Kicks off Kindergarten Animal Research Project

Our kindergarten students attended their first field trip recently – to the Reid Park Zoo!

The four classes hopped on two buses – a first for many of our kiddos as well – and made their way down to the zoo. The field trip served as the kick off to the kindergarten student’s animal research project that they will work on this month and then present to their peers at the end of the month.

The kids had a great time exploring the zoo with their teaches and parent volunteers. After the zoo, the kids enjoyed lunch and playing at Reid Park.

Back in the classroom, the kids got to choose with zoo animal they would like to research. 

Thank you to ALL of our parent volunteers who helped make this a successful field trip. A big thank you to Kindergarten teacher Ms. Wendy for taking these fabulous pictures!

Blue Ribbon & Trophy Winners for February 22-28

Congratulations to our Study Island Blue Ribbon and Exact Path Trophy winners for the week of February 22-28!

Many kindergarten through eighth grade students won a Dress Down Day for Tuesday after earning at least three Blue Ribbons on the online educational website Study Island or at least three Trophies on the online educational website Exact Path! Way to go, students!

Blue Ribbon “weeks” run Thursday morning through the following Wednesday evening. The total of all items (blue ribbons and trophies) earned will be calculated toward each classroom or House “Blue Ribbon Button” winner. Tuesdays are Dress Down Days for the winners!

As a reminder, the Study Island website address is:

If your children are in need of a computer to work on Study Island assignments and earn Blue Ribbons (for a free Dress Down Day, buttons, etc.), TCDS’s Technology Lab is open after school three days a week just for that purpose!

 The Technology Lab is open after school every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for Study Island use at the following times:
* 2:50pm-3:20pm for 4th-8th grade students
* 3:20pm-3:50pm for K-3rd grade students
Just sign up in the office with your child/children’s name, teacher and when your child/children will be using the lab. Parents do not need to be in attendance and can pick their children up after the lab session.

The following is a list of students who earned a free Dress Down Day for this week (bold and *= most Blue Ribbons winner and therefore will receive a button):


Ms. Wendy: Kataleya S., Bailey A., Zachary M., N.S., Jonah O., Cleo K.

Ms. Sarah: Kayson C., Owen C., Zak M., Jackson N., Austin S.

Ms. Dana: Liam L., Maelee C., Marcus H.

Ms. Sammy: Olivia D., Gabriella W.


First Grade

Mrs. Crenshaw: Zecariah C., Arabella A., Jayson M., Ashlynn P., Kelsey R., Isabella W. 

Mrs. Fiore: Matthew T., Rocco H., Adriana H., Naddy H., Landon K., Ivy L., Logan P., Journey R., Nelly S., Emilio B., Leilani W., William W.

Mrs. Smith: Jordan C., Brandon F., Logan F., Lellanna N., Sebastian R., Kevin S., Khloe S., Mira W. 

Ms. Kotel: Liam S., Natalia A., Aubryana B., Nicholas B., Samantha D., Tiffany D., Caleb H., Elijah L., Inara M., Jesse P.


Second Grade

Ms. Maggie: Coraline D., Nora F., Evie F., Kayla F., Adalynne T., Levi T.

 Ms. Jacque: Marck M., Samantha B., Colton K., Mikayla L., Celeste M.

Mrs. Rodriguez: Miguel S., Liberty A., Jayden B., Shane C., Bobby F., Stella K., Thomas M., Riley N., Kiley R., Cayden W. 

Ms. Laurie: Archer B., Annycia A., Dominic B., Zoe M., Lexi H., Madison P., Daniel P., Keira V.


Third Grade

Ms. Rianna: Krystyana L., Aliana G., Layla O., Alek P., Diego R.

Mrs. Hubble: Lillian O., Isaac C., Javier E., Bella H., Scotlynn N., Isaiah S.

 Ms. Becki: Rebecca V., Logan B., Reece B., Madeline V.

 Ms. Shannon: Valerie B., Alyssa D., Jalen D., Shelby F., Isaiah R., Zoe V.


Fourth Grade

Mrs. Post: Sabrina M., Annalina A., Kai C., Landon F., Gabriel H., Brook K., Fiona M., Nikolai N., Ava P., Dimitry V. 

Mrs. Young: Joshua C., Jaden D., Maya F., Jordan F., Ryan G., Madilynn H., Morgan M., Solomon M., Kristen N., Logan R., Colton R.

Mr. David: Ava H., Sofia A., Jesse B., Jorge B., Eliana L., Garrett P.

Ms. Mathews: Ciara C., Eleanor A., Rage A., Aiden G., Sabrina H., Alexis U.


Fifth Grade

Mrs. Maddock: Ishy F., Amber M., Lealah N., Miguel U., Eleanor W., Cade Y.

Mr. Josh: Mateo B., Keegan D., Alexis K., Andres P., Levi R., Tyler R., James S.

Ms. Acree: Alynn G., Josh F., Gianna N., Zachary O., Kate S.

Middle School

C House

8th Grade: Marcus C., Madeline B., Abigail G., Zedekiah J., Nate K., Andrew M., Tanner M., Matthew N., Kaiya V.

7th Grade: Harrison D., Connor Y., Jayce M., McKayla R., Aaliyah W.

6th Grade: Hayden J., Aiden J., Alyssa K., Alyssa L., Gwen S., Jacob S.


H House

8th Grade: Brennen R., Piper C., Anjelica G., Alexandra H., Alexis H., Connor H., Jyotie S.

 7th Grade: Ryan Y.

 6th Grade: Hailey E., Hessick E., Mariana L., Halina V., Ricardo R.

A House

8th Grade: Ethan W., Aurora D., Madie E., Jack M., Ella S., Chris S., Deja V.

7th Grade: Devin C., Alyssa R.

6th Grade: Milanni W., Tyler P., Isaac S.


M House

8th Grade: Andres I., Marissa B., Madison F., Kadin H., Sienna S.

7th Grade: Nathan R., Matthew K., Jonathan O.

6th Grade: Kacia N., Audrey F., Lylyia M., Vivian M.


P House

8th Grade: Caidance K., Madeline R., Taylor R., Ezekial V.

7th Grade: Shannon L., Dani Jo H., Nick H., Jeycie K., Robert S.

6th Grade: Adore A., Mikayla W., Ashley H., Alyssa P.


S House

8th Grade: Mark W., Carter E., Rory M., Andrea S., Liam S., Elizabeth T., Adriaan V.

7th Grade: Antonio V., Jesamine A., Noemi C., Caleb M., Alizae V.

6th Grade: Kamryn G., Haley L., Lucia A., Natalie H., Jarod V.