Pep Assembly Recognizes TCDS Soccer and Softball Players

Our school held a Pep Assembly recently to recognize the softball and soccer teams and to cheer on the soccer team which played their final game later the same day.

A big congratulations to the A-team soccer players! They went all the way in their league, winning the playoffs and becoming the champions in their league. The team only lost one game the entire season. They also scored a total of 80 points going into the championship games – and only six points were scored against them going into the championship. The softball coaches are Ms. Miranda and Mr. Jason.

The B-team soccer had a great season too. They ended the season with only one loss.

The A-team softball had a super season. They made it to the first round of the playoffs. Mr. Hall is the team’s coach.

Congratulations to all of our sports players! We are very proud of each of you, your teamwork and all the hard work you put into playing your games.















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Focus On: TCDS Softball and Soccer Players

The softball and soccer seasons are over, and all players did a great job! We are proud of your commitment to the team and motivation.
Athletics Director Mr. Mike Rubin took some time to talk with a couple of softball and soccer players about their experience playing on the team. Here’s what they had to say:

Soccer with eighth-grader Stephen


How many years of how you been playing TCDS soccer?: This is my fourth year playing soccer and 4th year on A team.

What position do you play?: Center Middle or Forward.

What has been the highlight over four years of soccer?: When we (TCDS) beat Pusch Ridge when they were undefeated my sixth grade year.

What is it like to play for Ms. Miranda and Mr. Jason?: It is awesome. Mr. Jason is more of a practice coach and Ms. Miranda is more of a game coach, so when they combine, it is awesome.

What do you have to do to win a championship this year?: We have to play as a team and not be selfish and play our best soccer of the season.

 Way to go to ALL of our soccer players: Jordan, Josh, Stephen, Colton, Jackson, Jason, Greg, Jack, Mackenzie, Chase, Andrew, Brooke, Noah, Gabriel, Dean, Chris, Jack and Sebastien!

Softball with seventh-grader Madison


How many years of how you been playing TCDS softball?: Three years. My first year I started on the practice squad and got moved up to the team mid year, and I have been on the team ever since.

What position do you play?: I play pitcher. I like pitching because the game runs through me.

What has been the highlight over three years of softball?: This year against Pusch Ridge, I almost had a no-hitter but lost it in the last inning on two infield singles. I also like to annoy Mr. Hall in the van on the car rides over to the games.

What is it like to play for Mr. Hall?: I love playing for Mr. Hall because he is the best coach ever. He teaches us the game well and also manages all of our attitudes.

What does the team have to do to win a championship?: Play hard, work well as a team and not give up!

Way to go to ALL of our softball players: Viona, Madison, Hunter, Madison, Danielle, Elicia, Rebekah, Cassidy, Annie, Haylie, Monique, Paige and Haley! 

TCDS Champions Softball Team


The Champions Softball team went all the way to the championship. In the end, the other team won, but what an amazing season TCDS had!

Listen up, Sports Fans: Exciting Championship Game Friday!


We have an exciting game coming up for the Tucson Country Day School athletes!



 First, the TCDS Champions softball team finished the regular season undefeated and hopes to win their second championship in four years! Way to go, team!

 This Friday, January 31, the TCDS Champions softball team will play in the Tucson Independent Athletic  League (T.I.A.L.) Championship. It will be held at 5:00pm at Udall Park’s softball field #1. 

Best of luck to all of the players and coaches!


soccer ball

 In other sports news, the TCDS A Soccer team played in the T.I.A.L. soccer playoffs. The quarterfinals started on Tuesday, January 28th at 4:00pm at  TCDS. The team played well and lost toward the end of the game.

 Excellent work A soccer team players and coaches! You had a great season!