Student Feature: Esteemed Excellence Demonstrated at NJHS Induction Ceremony

National Junior Honor Society Induction Ceremony

By: Chris Salazar, NJHS Secretary


On the evening of Thursday, February 15, the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) held its induction ceremony in the Multi-Purpose Room of Tucson Country Day School.  The ceremony’s purpose was to officially induct new members into the TCDS chapter of the NJHS.  This ceremony was one of many before in the chapter’s nine-year history.  About seventeen new members were inducted, ranging from sixth to eighth grade.  The ceremony is considered a formal occasion, so “dressy” clothing was expected among the current members, while new members received a notice stating that formal wear was appreciated. 

As all members of NJHS know, the application process is no easy task.  First, a review is done to see if you have met the minimum GPA requirement for one full semester prior to application.  You must also have been enrolled at TCDS for at least one semester.  If one has met these requirements, he or she will receive an application packet.  After submission, the packet will be reviewed by a council made up of TCDS faculty members.  If the council decides the applicant has met all the requirements and has the correct personality traits of a NJHS member, a letter is given to all applicants who have made it this far, offering membership in NJHS if he or she so desires.  If the applicant still wishes to proceed, the letter is returned and marked to indicate he or she still desires to be in NJHS.  After all trials and tribulations, the only thing left is to attend the induction ceremony and become an official member of the National Junior Honor Society.

This year’s induction ceremony was lovely.  Everyone was in formal dress, and the respect shown by the members was wonderful.  Along with the help of Ms. Courtney and Mr. Kievit (co-advisors of NJHS), Nathaniel K., the president of NJHS, and the other officers of NJHS did an excellent job of running the ceremony (nearly) flawlessly.  Aside from a couple blunders with the lighter during the candle ceremony (which provided a bit of comic relief!), the ceremony ran smoothly and was possibly the best one yet.  The quality of the ceremony was just another example of the esteemed excellence of the TCDS chapter of the National Junior Honor Society and its members.

National Junior Honor Society Inducts New Students

Last Monday, 10 middle school students – in sixth and seventh grade – were inducted into National Junior Honor Society for the 2015-16 school year.

A big congratulations to our new members:

* Emily                                    * Haylie                                      * Erica                                    * Orion                               * Amylynn

* Garrett                                          * Julia                                    * Victoria                                * Maggie                                  * Amber

Next year, we will have 22 students in National Junior Honor Society.

Here’s a look at the National Junior Honor Society Induction Ceremony.
           We’re ready for the induction.
Students practice their speeches.
The ceremony begins.
Students say an Honor Society Pledge.
Our current National Junior Honor Society students had a busy year! These are many of the events our new members can look forward to participating in next year:

* Olympiad Day (helpers)
* Pumpkin patch (helpers)
* Go Live! (helpers)
* Fed a family of 10 at Thanksgiving
* Ran the “Giving Tree” (10 families/42 people received Christmas gifts)
* Bear and Books Drive (helping kids in CPS care)
* Veterans community integration program (students inventoried furniture and household items)
* Big Brother Big Sister clothing drive (collected $224.00/1120 lbs., will be used to buy new books for Diamonds Children’s Hospital         library. Barnes & Noble will give 20 percent off all books when we go shopping.)
* Candy sales and pizza fundraisers
* Participated in day-long leadership program at the UA


Congratulations to all of our new National Junior Honor Society members – and congratulations to our current members on the excellent work you did this year.

NJHS Participates in “Challenge Program”

20 TCDS National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) members recently participated in a University of Arizona leadership development program called “Challenge Program”.

The program focused on team building, learning how to be both a leader and a follower while performing each of those roles well, listening skills and communication skills, collaboration and recognizing your comfort zones. The Challenge Program was an 8-hour class of events on the ground as well as events that took place a bit above ground.

Students participated in the Challenge Program at the UA soccer field.

Middle school Language Arts teacher Colleen Johnson and our school’s guidance counselor Diane St. Amand are NJHS advisors. Mrs. St. Amand says that she has been taking students to the Challenge Program for the last eight years, and she believes it is one of the best leadership programs in Tucson for middle school students. ‘

What a fun and educational day it was for students in NJHS.

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Giving Tree Gifts to be Brought to School this Week

If you took an ornament from the giving tree in the office, please drop your gift off in the office by Wednesday, December 10.

Gift items will be organized and beautifully wrapped for our families by members of the NJHS.

On behalf of the members of National Junior Honor Society and their advisors, we thank you for your kindness and generosity in the spirit of giving during the holiday season.