3rd Annual Math-a-Thon Making its Way to TCDS

The 3rd annual Math-a-Thon is coming to TCDS!

While the final round of the Math-a-Thon takes place in November, students are encouraged to start practicing now as the first qualifying round takes place the week of September 29. Students with top scores in each grade level will advance to round two. That round takes place the week of October 20. Students who advance from round two will compete in the Math-a-Thon competition – complete with fun and prizes.

Parents can help their students at home by encouraging them to work on practice problems to gain confidence and skills before the Math-a-Thon.

Students in kindergarten through second grade can download practice problems at www.mrsbarneysclass.weebly.com. Practice problems can be found under the Math-a-Thon page.

Students in third through eighth grade are encouraged to use Study Island to prepare for the qualifying Math-a-Thon rounds.

We look forward to another amazing and fun Math-a-Thon!

Way to Go, Math-A-Thon Participants!

Congratulations to all of our Math-A-Thon participants! Everyone did a wonderful job!

Before the Math-A-Thon took place, students took two different tests; from that, the top four to five students whose scores were highest in each grade level participated in the Math-A-Thon.

Here are the Math-A-Thon participants. Congratulations – we know you worked very hard, and we are so proud of each of you! 







Middle School

Ema M.

Torren W.

Winona E.

Mackenzie H.


Nikolas K.

Gabrial E.

Joshua B.

Declan S.


Owen H.

Huyen N.

Zachary Hill.

Sean B.



Matthew N.

Bryson B.

Jyotie S.

Nicholas B.


Leandra G.

Cherise N.

Ammon L.

Molly M.


Jack M.


Linnea B.



Tyler R.

Sarah O.

Faith K.

Hanna G.


Jace M.

Ashley H.

Aiden L.

Samuel M.


Michael C.


Kellen L.



Emily R.

Richard G.

Greyson P.

Eve L.

Lance M.


Nestor R.

Soraya N.

Josh F.

Zachary O.

Josie J.






A special thank you to Raytheon, SPA and JSOW (a Raytheon program) for supplying incredible gifts for our participants.



Contestants are Ready for Annual Math-A-Thon!

Dozen of students will participate in our school’s annual Math-A-Thon this Friday, March 7. The competition kicks off at 9:00am under the Activity Center.

Here is the schedule:

4th-8th grade participants: 9:00am-9:45am

Kinder-2nd grade participants: 10:00am

Parents, grandparents, all family and friends are invited to come out to support the contestants.