Love of Reading Week Fun for All!

Love of Reading Week was great fun and full of activities throughout campus. With special guests from librarians and weathercasters to four-legged friends – our students had a wonderful week celebrating their love of reading.

Each day, students could wear fun and interesting items based on the “Blast off to Reading” theme: crazy socks, red planet day, space day, stars or star of a book day, and crazy hair day.

Among the activities, students made bookmarks to have handy when reading.

April Madison, one of KGUN9 News’ meteorologists, visited Mr. B’s fourth grade and Mrs. Culbertson’s kindergarten classrooms to read to our students.

Dusenberry-River Children’s Librarian Ms. Meg came for a special storytime visit with Ms. Amber and Mr. Jordan’s prekindergarten students. Ms. Meg read books and sang songs with the children. She also had the kids drum their name in syllables, and she taught them a song with sign language to go with it. The storytime was a lot of fun!

A special four-legged friend came to relax with students as they read books.

Middle school students read to a variety of classes – this a kindergarten class – in elementary school.

In Mrs. Rodriguez’s second grade class, middle school students and former “Ducklings” came to read to the Duckling students. The class also joined with their Reading Buddies for some one-on-one reading excitement.

Ms. Adrienne’s second grade students – the Coyotes – completed a Reading Scavenger Hunt as a class, earning them Book-It Pizza Coupons and entering them into a drawing for a Bookmans Certificate.

While we saw a lot of amazing hairdo’s for Crazy Hair Day, we didn’t get the chance to capture many of the updo’s. One Ms. Adrienne captured sure takes the cake…or cupcake!

All of our TCDS students joined together to culminate their week with a Love of Reading Assembly. Books were read in Spanish and Sign Language, and Middle School Music teacher Mr. Mitchell even rapped his way through a book!

A special thank you to our Love of Reading Week committee and all who helped make this week wonderful!

Finishing Out Love of Reading Week in Style!

Our TCDS Champions – students, teachers and staff – finished out Love of Reading Week in style! Friday’s theme for Love of Reading Week was to dress up as your favorite book character.

Librarian Ms. Chris dressed up as Mary Poppins…


What a wonderful “eyeful” – our very own Fly Guy on campus!IMG_1382Ella is Pinkalicious!







Speech Pathologist Ms. Heidi is a chick from Chicka Chicka Boom Boom – and that’s the book she is reading to children below!



Ms. Amber’s prekindergarten class dressed up as their favorite storybook characters, too!


Ms. Amber’s Elephant class also dropped everything and read wherever they were – even on the playground!


They also made their own funky hats.


We had an incredible week celebrating our love for reading! Thank you to our Love of Reading Week committee – Ms. Vickie, Ms. Heidi, Ms. Adrienne, Ms. Wren, Ms. Chris and Ms. Tiffany – for organizing such an engaging week!

Family Literacy Night at TCDS

Family Literacy Night was a huge success.  Families and staff who attended had a great time reading, playing games, participating in literacy activities and more!

Second grade teacher Mrs. Rodriguez and Resource teacher Ms. Tiffany had a great time too!


Ms. Debbie answered questions from parents about SuccessMaker.


Dr. Anders read to students and families.

Students and families took part in reading and activities in the Victory Garden.








Middle School Band and Orchestra teacher Mr. Mitchell performed rap versions of three popular songs while staff, students and families were engaged audience members. Mr. Mitchell was then joined on the stage by librarian Ms. Chris and Speech teacher Ms. Vickie.





Everywhere you looked on Literacy Night – there were books, people reading books, people talking about books and people playing book-related games including Book Bingo and a scavenger hunt.






Kids played “Merry-Go-Read” on the grassy hill.





A representative from the Pima County Library even attended to tell families about the perks of the library as well as give information on signing up for a library card!



Middle School students, teachers and parents joined the events – selling delicious goodies to raise money for their upcoming DC trip.


Speech Pathologist Ms. Heidi met with parents to talk about the importance of reading and how reading helps to develop a child’s vocabulary.


CEO Mr. Cooper and his wife Mrs. Cooper came out and joined the fun!

Thank you to the Love of Reading Week and Family Literacy Night team – Ms. Vickie, Ms. Heidi, Ms. Adrienne, Ms. Wren, Ms. Chris and Ms. Tiffany!  What a great event.

We’re Having a WONDERFUL Love of Reading Week!

This week is Love of Reading Week at Tucson Country Day School, and teachers, staff, students and families are having a wonderful time celebrating their love for reading!

We’ve had Crazy Sock Day in honor of Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss….


20160216_144844     20160216_144927


Hat Day! Ms. Nicole’s prekindergarten class created their own hats! The Dragonfly class used their finger muscles to cut, fold and tape strips of paper to create a headband hat! Some students picked their favorite colors while others created a pattern.

Some of Ms. Nicole’s students had great things to say about their hat-making and hat-wearing:

“This hat is way too crazy, like super crazy!” ~ Brooke

“I love my crazy hat because it’s silly!” ~ Keaton

“I’m a good folder, huh?” ~ Andrew


cell phone pictures 2-17 152

cell phone pictures 2-17 150

cell phone pictures 2-17 149

cell phone pictures 2-17 151

cell phone pictures 2-17 148

cell phone pictures 2-17 147

Wednesday was “Volunteer Reading Day”! Our school had many, many special guests come in to read to students in classes throughout the grade levels.

Parents, grandparents, aunts, teachers and staff chose wonderful and engaging books to read to students…

One of the parents of a student in Ms. Nicole’s class read to the students.

cell phone pictures 2-17 155  cell phone pictures 2-17 153

Students from Ms. Martha and Ms. Jordan’s preschool class read to Art teacher Mrs. Sherod.

cell phone pictures 2-17 126

cell phone pictures 2-17 125

cell phone pictures 2-17 124

Ms. Kotel’s first grade students were treated to listening to books read by parents Mrs. Vick and Mrs. Little.

cell phone pictures 2-17 136

cell phone pictures 2-17 134

Principal Dr. Anders read to one of Mrs. Barney’s sixth grade classes.

cell phone pictures 2-17 127


When Ms. Annie’s fifth grade students went to Spanish class with Ms. Elsa, they were in for a special surprise when Hector – one of the members of our school’s maintenance team – came to read a book in Spanish to the class.

Hector read a page in Spanish of El Gusto del Mercado Mexicano, and student Harrison read the same text in English. The duo took turns reading one page at a time. Ms. Elsa said it was exciting having them read together.





This is what it looks like – from Speech Language Pathology Assistant’s Mrs. Jones point of view – when reading to Mrs. Culbertson’s kindergarten class.


Parents, aunts, grandparents, a retired firefighter and Mr. Steve read to and worked with students in Ms. Lana’s third grade class.

cell phone pictures 2-17 168

cell phone pictures 2-17 169

cell phone pictures 2-17 167

cell phone pictures 2-17 166

cell phone pictures 2-17 170

cell phone pictures 2-17 165

cell phone pictures 2-17 164

cell phone pictures 2-17 163

cell phone pictures 2-17 160

Former TCDS Librarian Ms. Josephs teamed up with Mrs. Rodriguez’s second grade class to read to the students.

cell phone pictures 2-17 158

cell phone pictures 2-17 157

cell phone pictures 2-17 156

Ms. Kim read to Mrs. Skye’s kindergarten class.

cell phones 2-24-2016 173

Many more special guests read to our students as well. If you have pictures of special guests readers reading to our students or any of the  events going on during Love of Reading Week, please email them to, and we will add the pictures to this post.