TCDS Girl Scouts Bring Joy to Current Students

Middle school students in TCDS Girl Scouts are lending a helping hand to two amazing students at our school.

Girl Scout Troop Leader (leader of TCDS troops 996 and 486) Tracy Schmid says the 18 girls in her Girl Scout troops (nine of them currently attend TCDS) were very upset when they learned about seventh grade student Hannah being diagnosed with cancer.

The girls – many of whom know Hannah through TCDS athletics in addition to attending school with her – wanted to help Hannah, so the girls and their families purchased some great items to put together a movie and ice cream-themed gift basket.

In the basket? Three movies, a popcorn container,  candy and popcorn, an ice cream bowl and scoop, ice cream toppings, a book, sunglasses, makeup bag, nail polish, pencil-top erasers, crafts and more. The Girl Scout troops also used some of their cookie-sales profit money to buy a gas card for Hannah’s mom as well as a craft jar for Hannah.


The girls soon heard about kindergarten student Emilio who is being treated for sarcoma. They wanted to do something nice for him as well, so they contacted the TCDS elementary Girl Scout troop 164 and the Girl Scout Council to see if they wanted to help the girls collect items for Emilio.

Troop 164 leader Kim Mihalka donated McDonald gift cards for both students. The Girl Scout Council donated a Girl Scout bag, journal, stuffed animal and a water bottle which was included in Hannah’s basket.

The girls wrapped presents – the gift cards, books and crafts – for Emilio.


What a wonderful act of kindness, Girl Scouts!

Clover Award Leads TCDS Daisy Girl Scout Troop to Address Topic of Water Conservation

The TCDS Girl Scout Daisy Troop 164 is addressing their concern for water conservation in our region – and you can find their handmade informational posters on the topic right here at school.

The nine first grade girls in the Daisy troop has been working on the Clover Award – an award which focuses on the region the girls live in. According to the “Girl Scouts heart of the south” website found at, the Clover Award states that the Daisies will: “Learn about and commit to protecting a natural treasure in their region. (and) Educate and inspire others in their community to join with them to protect the local treasure, too.”

Troop leader Kimberly says that in addition to addressing an issue in their region, the last part of the award encourages the Daisies to figure out what they can do to help fix the problem and asks the troop to make others aware of the problem and their suggested solution(s).

Kimberly and her troop felt that one problem in the region was lack of water conservation. The girls discussed small changes that they could make in their own lives to help with water conservation. Then, they created posters to present to friends and family in order to inform and teach others about water conservation.

Daisy troop 164 presented their posters to students and teachers at a recent preschool through third grade morning flag ceremony. Some of the girls’ families watched the presentation as well.

Each of the girls’ parents worked with their daughters to make the posters at a Girl Scout meeting. Some ideas the girls came up with to put on their posters include reusing water on plants, turning off the faucet when you aren’t using it, taking short “power” showers, fixing leaks, and using energy efficiency appliances. The posters reflect these great ideas and are now hanging outside of the school office.

There are three more girls in the Troop 164, and they are in second grade. They participated in a different project earlier this year – also on the topic of water conservation.

Troop leader Kimberly gave us additional background information on what the girls have been working on recently: All semester we have been working on a badge called “Between earth and sky”. There are three parts to the badge, The first one focuses on feelings – our own and those of people around us.  The second part focuses on special skills – our own special skills as well as the special skills of others around us.  The third part of the award is the Clover Award, which focuses on our region – what we know about our region, what we like best about our region, and what we can do to make our region a better place.

Way to go, Daisy Girl Scouts! We are proud of your determination to work toward creating solutions for regional issues that are of concern to you.


TCDS Girl Scouts Help Beautify Campus and Lend a Helping Hand

The TCDS Junior Girl Scout Troop 486 has been busy with community service projects!

First, the troop bought flowers and planted them in the flower bed in front of school where the marquee is located. The girls raised money from selling Girl Scout cookies and used $100 of the funds raised to purchase the flowers at Lowes. Troop leader Tracy Schmid says when the troop told Lowes about their project at school, the store gave them $10 off the purchase!

The flower-planting project came about as the troop is working on what is called a “Bronze Award.” The girls had to come up with a plan – something that they are all interested in to better their immediate community.

Tracy says since the girls love to be outdoors and have been having meetings at TCDS for six years now, they wanted to do something to benefit the school.  After brainstorming, they decided to plant flowers and talked to Mr. St. Amand – in charge of maintenance at school – about planting.

“The girls had a blast doing it,” said Tracy.

Thank you, TCDS Junior Girl Scout Troop 486, for your generosity and helping to beautify our school!



Planting 2


Flowers Complete

Group Photo

Planting 2


Next, the troop worked with  Cadette Troop 996 to put together 23 “Birthday in a Bag” bags for Casa de los Ninos. The girls did this project in honor of Girl Scout founder Juliette Gordon Low’s birthday.  Her birthday was October 31.

Troop leader Tracy says the girls love helping children in need, so they decided to have a tea party recently to put together the birthday bags for Casa de los Ninos.  The girls know that a simple of act of kindness for these kids can last a lifetime.  A Casa de los Ninos employee told the girls that for some of the kids, this is the only birthday gift they will receive.  The troop was sad to hear that and are now inspired to help more – they would like to make Easter baskets for them in the spring.

Each birthday bag contains a cake mix, frosting, party favors, napkins, cups, plates, candles, a table cloth, and small birthday gift. Troop’s families donated some items, and the girls also used some of the funds made from Girl Scout cookies to purchase the rest of the items.

Some members of the troop recently delivered the bags to the organization’s main office.

Party Fillers

23 Boxes of Cake Mix & Frosting

23 Complete Birthday in a Bags

Party Fillers

Tracy says the girls always feel proud after completing a project.

“You get a good feeling from helping others.”

Thank you to all of the girls from Junior Girl Scout Troop 486 for your caring way, compassion and hard work helping our community and those in need!

TCDS Girl Scouts Honored at Awards Ceremony

The TCDS Girl Scout Junior Troop 486 – who were featured in last month’s Tucson Lifestyle magazine for their continued philanthropic work – received the award for “2014 Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy” at the Association of Fundraising Professionals awards ceremony on November 21.

Troop leader Tracy says it was an amazing day for the girls. The Girl Scouts got to go on stage and gave a speech in front of more than 650 adults. Tracy says several people even stopped by their table to congratulate the girls on their great work.

The Girl Scouts philanthropic events ranged from supporting juvenile diabetes research and collecting food for the Community Food Bank to helping at Casa Maria Soup Kitchen and even collecting books for the school’s library. Their latest event – donating food, toys and bedding to animals at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona.

What a wonderful and positive influence you are, Girl Scout Junior Troop 486, to all of us.


Girl Scout Junior Troop 486 went on stage to give a speech.


The Girl Scouts smiled for a picture during the awards ceremony.


This picture shows a thank you book that the Humane Society put together for the girls.


Girl Scout Junior Troop 486 smiles for the camera the day they received their award for continuous philanthropic work.