Garden Club is Growing Again!

Garden Club is up and running for the school year!

Middle school Science teacher Ms. Heaton and middle school Math teacher Ms. St. Louis are the new leaders of Garden Club, and they are doing a great job keeping club members working hard in the garden.

The club planted its first plant of the school year on November 15. It’s a Desert Honeysuckle which was kindly donated by club member Joey’s mom, who purchased the plant from Tohono Chul.


The club is currently tilling the garden beds to prepare for planting.



So far, 15 members are in Garden Club, and more are welcome to join! The club is open to kindergarten through eighth grade students. Garden Club meets every Tuesday after school in Room 901 from 3:15 – 4:15pm. Come check it out, and see if you would like to join!

Garden Club Witnesses an Insect’s Life Cycle in Action

What a wonderful experience Garden Club students recently experienced!

The club purchased caterpillars with a certificate they received from one of their fundraisers.

The students started from the beginning and were able to see the life cycle of a caterpillar! They watched the caterpillars make a chrysalis and then patiently waited until the change was made, and the caterpillar came out of the chrysalis as a beautiful butterfly!

One of the Garden Club leaders, Ms. Kendra, reports that all but one of the butterflies hatched from their chrysalises during Spring Break.

The students were very excited to see the remaining chrysalis since they could see the butterfly’s wing pattern through it.

Ms. Kendra said the caterpillars transformed quickly; the first chrysalis began to form in only five days! Eight out of nine caterpillars emerged from the chrysalises as butterflies six days after the chrysalises were formed. The final butterfly emerged one day later.

At a recent Garden Club meeting, leaders and the children used magnifying glasses to get an up-close view of the newly-hatched butterflies.

The butterflies “left behind a mess of red web which is part of the caterpillar [that] they don’t use during transformation,” said Ms. Kendra.

Garden Club students opened the net to release the butterflies into the school’s Victory Garden and observed them as they moved around their new surroundings. Some butterflies flew out of the net fast, and others did not want to leave the net. One of the butterflies stayed in the garden and landed on many of the flowers.

Ms. Kendra says the children were beyond excited and asked what their next bug project will be.

Stay tuned for exciting pictures and details! Turns out, Garden Club’s next bug project will be all about ladybugs!





Students Treat Teachers to Garden-Harvested Salad!

The Garden Club and the Green Team had a great harvest of several salad ingredients – and they decided to prepare salads with their harvest and give them to our TCDS teachers to thank them for all that they do.

The salads included spinach, Rainbow Chard and kale which were grown in the school’s Victory Garden. Additional vegetables were provided by Brooklyn Pizza Company.

Teachers thoroughly enjoyed the delicious and colorful salads. Thank you Garden Club and Green Team students, as well as Mr. Adam and Ms. Kendra, for your dedicated work in the garden and on campus. We appreciate you!









Bountiful Updates from the Garden

There are some exciting things – and tasty vegetables – in the school’s garden.

Garden Club members held their first herb sale of the season. They sold cilantro, fennel, basil, salad burnet and chives. The sprouts were grown in Ms. Maxwell’s science lab and transplanted during the garden club. Thank you, Ms. Maxwell and students for your help!


Mr. Fisher’s fifth grade class transplanted cucumber, squash and sunflower sprouts from our green house for the Garden Club. With their help, the Garden Club was able to sell out during a garden sale for the second time in a row!  Thank you, Mr. Fisher’s class for your help! 





Several students are working on helpful projects around the garden.






Below: Sixth grader Nick and fourth grader Sareah pose with some of the Garden Club’s early spring harvest. The harvest included carrots, butter crisp lettuce and beets.


TCDS Garden: The Winter Harvest is Here!


Garden Club members as well as students during the day have been busy tending to the school’s garden, and we’re excited to say the winter harvest is here!

Students had fun picking many vegetables such as carrots and lettuce. They enjoyed the first tastes of their hard work in the garden.

Students are also continuing the work in the garden, tending to the compost and the vegetables and keeping the garden fresh and growing.


First graders Linda, Mateo and Amber enjoy eating some carrots that they have tended to for weeks.



The Garden Club participants get ready to sample the harvest’s bounty.



The students were so productive in the garden that they got to take fixings for salad home to share with family.



How exciting, the carrots have come in and are ready to try.



First graders take some time to explore the earthworms’ habitat.



Nick, our middle school assistant, and fourth grader Daniel put the finishing touches on the collection bins.



Students pick lettuce from the garden.



Sixth grader Kayla collects vegetables from the garden.



These students trimmed lettuce with the Garden Club’s highschool volunteer, Ms. Maxwell’s daughter.



First graders Nestor and Lucas, as well as third grader Finn tend to the compost that was collected during first to fifth grade lunches.



Nestor, Lucas and Finn tend to the compost that was collected during first to fifth grade lunches.



Students tend to the garden as they check out the vegetables they were able to grow in the garden.



Ms. Shannon’s third grade class watched as classmates released earthworms.