How Long Might it Take a Firefighter to Put on His Fire-Fighting Gear?

First grade students are also learning about fire safety – and they were excited to receive a visit from a local fire fighter!

During his discussion with the students on fire safety, firefighter Mr. Roop gave himself a fun challenge! He asked the students and teachers to time him to see how long it would take him to put on all of his fire-fighting gear.

Can you guess the time it took him? If you guessed less than two minutes, you were right! To be exact, Mr. Roop prepared for fighting a fire by putting all of his gear on in only one minute and 32 seconds! Wow, that is impressive!

Thank you, Mr. Roop, for teaching our first grade students about fire safety!


“Stop, Drop and Roll” – Kindergarten Students Learn About Fire Safety

Kindergarten students learned about fire safety during a presentation recently from the Tucson Fire Department.

Two Public Safety Education Specialists from the Tucson Fire Department – Mari Vasquez and Cecilia Mendoza – visited TCDS to give some great advice to our students when it comes to being safe should a fire break out in a home or building that they are in.

The Specialists discussed with the kids what they should and should not do in case of a fire, talked about “Stop, Drop and Roll” should a fire break out and also talked about fire alarms in homes. The students took home coloring books to work on at home which tells them more about fire safety,

The presentation was all a part of the kindergarten team’s Fire Safety Month. Students has also learned about fires and fire trucks, among other related concepts, in their classrooms.

The kids had a great time while they learned a lot about fire safety. A huge thank you to our special guests for teaching us!

Interactive Presentation Helps Third Grade Students Learn about Fire Safety

Third grade students were treated to a great, interactive presentation on fire safety. A crew of firemen and women from the Tucson Fire Department brought a fire truck to school, and the students got to learn all about the fire truck and the equipment on the truck. They even got to sit inside the truck, and one of the firemen climbed up the ladder.

The crew also brought a safety trailer with them. The students got to look around and point out fire dangers. They also got to simulate a fire, with nontoxic smoke filling the room. The students then had to climb out the window and made a mock phone call to 911.

This was the Tucson Fire Department’s second visit with the third graders this year. In the fall, a fire safety educator came and held a classroom presentation. The students listened to a story and then participated in an interactive presentation about fire safety. The kids learned about specific things around the house that can cause fires, as well as what to do in an emergency situation.

The Tucson Fire Department holds presentations for third graders at schools throughout Tucson, and TCDS has been picked to participate in this program for the last several years. 

The students really like these presentations, and the Fire Safety Team told us that they really enjoy coming to our school because the students are always so polite and well-behaved.

What a great experience! Here are some pictures that show how much fun our students had while learning.