It’s a Big Hit for Drama Club’s Performance of “Giants in the Sky”!

Our 4th-8th grade Drama Club put on an excellent, energetic and entertaining musical rendition of “Giants in the Sky”this weekend!

The play featured giants who lived, well, in the sky. Some of the giants wanted to visit the humans on the ground of Earth…so they took a little adventure. They learned some lessons and needed some guidance from their teachers (called “elders” in the musical), and the head “elder” even learned a lesson as well. It was a cute and fun musical filled with entertaining songs and dances that some of our students choreographed. The actors and actresses did a marvelous job. 

We are proud of you, Drama Club students! A big thank you to the Drama Club directors – Music teacher Mrs. Bell and middle school Spanish teacher Senora McDonald.  

Drama Club Students Featured on KGUN9’s “The Morning Blend”

In this week’s “Education News You Can Use” segment on KGUN9’s The Morning Blend, some of our Drama Club students were guests for a student-led interview about the benefits and exciting things happening as a member in Drama Club at school. The students even performed a scene from their upcoming play, “Peter Pan”.

Tucson Country Day School will be featured each Wednesday during The Morning Blend’s segment “Education News You Can Use.” The Morning Blend airs weekdays from 11am-12pm.

If there is an education-related topic that you would like to see Tucson Country Day School staff, teachers and students discuss on The Morning Blend’s “Education News You Can Use” television segment, please email with your ideas.

“The Grunch” – Drama Club Produces Amazing Musical

The Drama Club produced an amazing musical – “The Grunch” – a spin-off of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.

In “The Grunch”, a girl gets involved with the production of a students’ play with the purpose of attempting to ruin the play and make the actors and actresses look bad to highly-acclaimed reviewers. Throughout her involvement in the musical, the character realizes that she actually does enjoy being involved.

Fourth through eighth grade students who are in Drama Club have been practicing for the play and performed it for families and friends recently. The actors and actresses were enthusiastic, and the play was exciting to watch. It was full of comedic lines – some of which were personalized to Tucson – entertaining songs, and a great lesson was learned at the end of the play. Our students did a wonderful job singing the beautiful songs and were great performers.

Middle school Spanish teacher Senora McDonald and Elementary Music teacher Mrs. Bell directed the play. They said the tech and backstage crew did a lot of the work!

Way to go, students!

Grunch 1

Grunch 2

Grunch 3

Grunch 4

Grunch 5

Grunch 6

Grunch 7

Grunch 8

Grunch 9

Grunch 10

Grunch 11

Grunch 12

Grunch 13

Grunch 14

Grunch 16

Grunch 17

Grunch 19

Grunch 20

Grunch 21

Grunch 24

Grunch 25

Grunch 26

Grunch 28

Grunch 29


Drama Club Performance: My Son Pinocchio Jr.

Way to go Drama Club members!

The group has worked very hard practicing for their play, My Son Pinocchio Jr., and the long-awaited performance nights came this past weekend.

Our students did an amazing job acting in the musical. Many of the actors and actresses played multiple characters in the play.

Thank you to our Drama Club teachers – Mrs. McDonald and Mrs. Bell – for helping and coaching our students to be great actors and actresses.

Congratulations to our Drama Club members for two wonderful performances of My Son Pinocchio Jr.. We are very proud of each one of you for your hard work and dedication to our Drama Club.




IMG_9041 IMG_9043

IMG_9044 IMG_9045

IMG_9047 IMG_9048

IMG_9049 IMG_9050

IMG_9052 IMG_9053

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IMG_9077 IMG_9078

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IMG_9081  IMG_9085

Drama Club Dress Rehearsal

The Drama Club has been very busy lately – rehearsing for the school play, My Son Pinnochio Jr.

Directors Lindsay McDonald (also our middle school Spanish teacher) and Ariella Bell (one of our music teachers) have been working hard with our after-school drama club. The students in the club have put great effort into getting into character and working together to get ready for the play.

Here are some pictures from the dress rehearsal for the play.

20150507_171943 20150507_171907

20150507_171824 20150507_171820

20150507_171814 20150507_171810

20150507_171806 20150507_165849

20150507_165835 20150507_165831