AMAZING ARTWORK IN PROGRESS: Butterfly Bottle Cap Mural!

Talk about an amazing piece of artwork!! 

You may remember Art teacher Mrs. Phelps requesting all sizes and colors of bottle caps this year!

Well, it’s still in progress – but let’s take a peak at the BIG art project middle school students who are in art, the Leadership class and some fifth grade students have been working hard on.

To Start…

Mrs. Phelps and art students began with a four-foot by eight-foot piece of wood.

A design was chosen, and the team got to work. The team knew they wanted to make a mural with “50” on it since this year marks the 50th anniversary of Tucson Country Day School!  


Check out all the colorful bottle caps!


The Mural is Growing…

It’s coming along…and turning into a butterfly!

Now that the butterfly (Can you spot “50” in its wings?) is complete, these budding artists are working on the rest of the mural. 


Pretty amazing! This sure shows how teamwork can go a long way – and make beautiful masterpieces!

We’re Making Animals Out of Beeswax!

Preschool and prekindergarten students are making models of animals out of beeswax.
Art teacher Ms. S says it part of learning about 2D shapes and 3D shapes.
When the students finished their wax sculptures, they added seed beads for eyes and other details. Way to be creative, students!
These are pictures of Ms. Paige’s preschool panda class creating art.
These budding artists from Ms. Gloria’s prekindergarten fish class showed us their beeswax sculptures – some works in progress and others completed. Excellent work, kids!

It’s All About Chalk Pastels for These Young Artists

Preschool and Prekindergarten students are learning about chalk pastels with Art teacher Ms. S.

The young kids practiced blending chalk pastels and smudging.

Students also created their own Northern Lights pictures using their imaginations – following a Northern Lights study the prior week.

Below are pictures of Ms. Paige’s preschool class and Ms. Moriah’s prekindergarten class. 

Nice work, students!


Check Out Our Tree-Inspired Artwork!

Preschool and prekindergarten students are learning how to draw trees after reading about trees, tree textures and colors. The kids also compared textures on leaves to the texture on bark.

After learning about trees with Art teacher Ms. S, the students got to create their own ideas for tree colors using oil pastels. The young learners also added watercolor paints to finish their designs.
Here are pictures of creative students from Ms. Paige’s Panda preschool class.

What a Dynamic Middle School Art Show!

WOW! Our Champions sure are creative!

Middle school students and their art teachers, Mrs. Phelps and Mrs. Paradis, held a Middle School Art Show one evening recently – and it was amazing to see the wonderful artwork our students create.

“I am so proud of all the students. Thank you to families for coming … and sharing your support of the arts. We had a great turn out. So great that I didn’t even get a moment to take photos! Wow!” says Mrs. Phelps.

Comments from parents and teachers include:

“That was amazing! The art department should be very proud of all of the incredible creative pieces that were displayed. The students love this class and the teachers! Outstanding job!”

What an awesome display of work from the young talented artist[s]!”

“Fabulous! Thanks to Kala [Phelps] and Jean [Paradis] for all of their hard work for putting on such a wonderful display of the incredible art work that our middle school student create. It was well attended buy the community. Even the treats were impressive … I’m hooked!”

“My fifth grade students did a walk through in the MPR to view the 6-8 grade art work displayed and WOW! Shout out to the art teachers and their
BEAUTIFUL TCDS art program. The middle school students were so proud to show off their hard work put forth, and, in turn, their enthusiasm got our
fifth graders excited to hold a show of their own.”

It was great! My class really enjoyed it.”

Congratulations to our middle school students for their incredible artwork – and to our wonderful art teachers for all that they do for our students.

Take a look at our Art Department’s Weebly and Facebook page.