7 Habits “Come to Life” with Etiquette Practice

We’re incorporating etiquette classes into our fifth graders’ day!

Lunch Director Mrs. Stacey Love visits the fifth grade classrooms once a week to teach engaging etiquette classes. The kids enjoy the class – it’s meant to reiterate the value of manners which support the Leader in Me 7 Habits!

Mrs. Maddock writes, “They are having a great time!! Plus, we challenge them to utilize these manners all of the time! Holding doors for others, sitting up in our seats, appropriate conversations during lunch, as well as voice levels, showing off we are ladies and gentlemen. This is all aligned with Mr. Cooper’s vision, as well as 7 Habits…Thanks, [Ms. Stacey] for going the extra mile to work with our 5th graders!”

These ladies and gentleman were such fun! Watch out families… your student will be “setting” your table and making you cut your McDonald’s french fries using the Continental method!” says Ms. Stacey.

Folktales Help us “Seek to Understand” Before Jumping to a Conclusion

Ms. Sarah’s kindergarten students – The Jungle Cats – are learning about folktales!

The kids connected with the story better when they used one of the seven habits of “Seek first to understand, then to be understood” to take a deeper look at “The Ugly Duckling”. They focused on the “Seek first to understand” portion during the story lesson.

The class read “The Ugly Duckling” and discussed ways in which the other birds jumped to a conclusion, instead of realizing the greatness in which each animal (and we can relate it to ourselves too!) has.

The class created a fun project after reading the folktale.

Leaders of the Week…7 Habits Work…We’re All on Green!

We sure stay busy during our school day!

Here’s a look at what was going on last week in a few of our classrooms. 

In Ms. Maddock’s fifth grade class, there are Leaders of the Week. These leaders get to invite a guest to read a book – the leader’s childhood favorite – to the class. Leaders of the Week are selected based on students demonstrating the 7 Habits.



Mrs. Fiore’s first grade students drew pictures of how they can be helpful in our school community as well as worked on which of the 7 Habits that their drawings connect with.






Mrs. Hubble wanted to show appreciation for her third grade students – her entire class finished the day last Thursday on green! Way to go, Mrs. Hubble’s Heroes!



Second grade students worked on collecting data. They counted seeds found inside different fruits and veggies and made observations about the similarities and differences.



Prekindergarten students were treated to some older students acting as “helpers”. The older students helped the younger kids be and stay safe while playing on the playground in the morning. 
Thank you to the older kids for spending time with the young students!


All About The Seven Habits Featured on KGUN9’s “The Morning Blend”

In this week’s “Education News You Can Use” segment on KGUN9’s The Morning Blend, our Early Childhood Director and Prekindergarten Teacher Ms. Wanda – along with one of her students, Ashton,talked about the 7 Habits – what they are, how our school implements them with our staff and in many classrooms, how schools and parents can implement the program as well, and they even showed a video of Ms. Wanda’s class (and a couple extra students) singing part of the 7 Habits song they learned this year.


Tucson Country Day School will be featured each Wednesday during The Morning Blend’s segment “Education News You Can Use.” The Morning Blend airs weekdays from 11am-12pm.

If there is an education-related topic that you would like to see Tucson Country Day School staff, teachers and students discuss on The Morning Blend’s “Education News You Can Use” television segment, please email smckeown@tcdcharterschool.com with your ideas.

7 Habits: Let’s Synergize as We Learn How to Begin with the End in Mind!

Practice of 7 Habits is campus-wide, and we strive to learn more about and demonstrate use of these habits.

In prekindergarten, Ms Sammy’s Foxes synergized to create posters that demonstrate the habit – Begin with the End in Mind (have a plan).

First, Ms. Sammy and her class discussed the meaning of the habit and then decided what would they would put on the posters. The kids got into groups and thought “win-win” as each child was responsible for something specific on the poster.

Way to go, Foxes! What a great example of synergizing while learning about the 7 Habits!

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