Synergizing Between the Grade Levels

Ms. Adrienne’s second grade Coyotes class is synergizing with different grade levels.

They have been working with Ms. Amber’s pre-kindergarten class – the Elephants, and Mrs. Culbertson’s kindergarten class – the Manatees.

We’re Both Learning About Our Bodies!

During Reading Buddies, Ms. Amber and Ms. Adrienne discovered that both of their classes are learning about the body. While the Elephants have been identifying bones in the body, the Coyotes have been hard at work on a new science experiment about the heart.

The two classes arranged a time to meet to create skeleton drawings and label them. Both second graders and pre-kindergarteners had a great time working with their new friends!






Let’s Learn a “Leader in Me” Song Together!

Mrs. Culbertson’s kindergarten class recently joined the second grade Coyotes to learn a “Leader In Me” song.

The second grade students created cue cards and taught the younger students the words to the song as well as the hand motions.