Study Island Blue Ribbon Contest – Information and Guidelines

About our schools’ Study Island Blue Ribbon Contest

The Blue Ribbon Contest began as part of our school’s plan to help each student grow at least 10% this year. Our school-wide W.I.G is to have all of our AzMERIT proficiency percentages to increase a minimum of 10% in Math and ELA for each grade level from the 2016-2017 school year.

The contest revolves around Study Island – the online educational program TCDS will be using for the next several years. Students earn a blue ribbon, within the program, once they achieve proficiency on one grade level standard on Study Island. Earning blue ribbons demonstrates mastering  skills on ELA and Math standards needed to pass your grade level and do well on the state testing.

That’s where our school’s Blue Ribbon Contest developed from. To help make it more enticing, we put earning blue ribbons on Study Island together with school-wide incentives. All of the contest information can be found below as well as in the Champion News post titled, “Study Island Blue Ribbon Contest Guidelines”.

Included in incentives for earning Blue Ribbons are classroom Dress Down Days and Blue Ribbon Achievement buttons. The first Achievement button we are using was designed by eighth grade student Ashley H. (Congratulations, Ashley!)


Study Island Blue Ribbon Contest Guidelines

We are tracking Blue Ribbons earned by our students in both the AZ Standards and the AZ Common Core Standards through the online educational program that our school uses called Study Island.


  • Buttons awarded to the top winning student in each K-5 class and in each middle school crew. These are awarded at morning flag on Fridays.
  • Dress Down Day is the following Tuesday for the top winning class in each grade K-5 and the top winning crew in each grade 6-8.
  • We will update the Blue Ribbon Board in the front of campus every Thursday afternoon.


  • The grade level with the most Blue Ribbons per student will win a Special Party.

End of Year:  Blue Ribbon Blow Out!

  • All students who complete their grade level standards in Study Island for one or more subjects will get invited to an after-school party, similar to the Sunset Sensations during Camp Adventure.

Grade Level Circle of Achievement Awards:

  • Every student who completes their grade level in one or more subjects will also get Flag recognition, will have their name and picture added to the Circle of Achievement Winners board and earn an exclusive Achievement Button.
  • Students who complete their grade level in one or more subjects will ALSO get to have lunch with on of our administrators!