Students Synergize While Celebrating the 100th Day of School!

It was all about counting and celebrating across campus Tuesday as students and teachers celebrated the 100th day of school!

Ms. Nicole’s prekindergarten students – the Dragonflies – celebrated as a class in “sweet” style.

After a discussion on being in school for 100 days and topics they have learned thus far, the students counted scoops of ice cream – one by one. The next task? Counting the scoops of ice cream by tens!

Then, the students synergized to color all 100 scoops of ice cream.



After the Dragonflies colored their ice cream scoops, the kids completed a “100 Days Smarter” worksheet which included identifying, coloring and graphing shapes.



Students posed with “100 days smarter” stars.



Congratulations to all of our students – preschool through eighth grade – for being proactive in your learning, and thank you for an exciting day celebrating the 100th day of school!