Students Paint Kindness Tokens

Many students in kindergarten through eighth grade took some time to paint Ben’s Bells kindness tokens.

Teachers selected Champion students who demonstrate kindness, generosity and respect. These students met with some Project Wisdom teachers – Senora Valenzuela and Mrs. Maddock – to paint the coins.

Project Wisdom teachers would like to purchase coins from Ben’s Bells and “stuff” some of them inside a suitcase filled with school supplies – along with pen pal letters – that will be going to students in Kibera, which is in Africa, as our school works to spread kindness globally.

It was great to have students from different grade levels enjoying one another’s company as they worked to accomplish the same goal. 


Seventh graders Jordan and Bianca show their kindness coins.



Fifth grader Zoe, along with Kyndall and RayAnne, both in sixth grade, sat together as they painted kindness coins.



Eighth grader Rasta and seventh grader Josh got creative when making the kindness coins.



Linnea and Cassidy, both in fifth grade, got creative with eighth grader Madison as they made kindness coins.



Third grader Jayce focuses on his work making a kindness coin.



Second graders Mylo and Sean worked to make kindness coins.



Emily, who is in kindergarten, and fifth grader Brendon worked to make kindness coins.